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Rocketship X-M
FTCC - 1979

Notes:  These cards were primarily marketed directly to dealers instead of
to the general market, though a portion of the print run was placed in packs
and boxes.  It appears that the main purpose of these packs was to provide
a sample and to invite the buyer to purchase the complete set via mail-order,
and probably most of the distribution was of the complete sets thus obtained.
Thanks much to Lee Money for filling in the gaps!

No.   Card Text                                        Type

  1   John Emery - Osa Massen - Lloyd Bridges          RXM Original Release Stars
  2   High O'brian - Noah Berry Jr. - Morris Ankrum    RXM Original Release Stars
  3   Kurt Neumann - Ferde Grofe - Albert Glasser      RXM Original Release Crew
  4   Karl Struss - Jack Rabin - Harry Gerstad         RXM Original Release Crew
  5   Bob Burns - Elaine Edford - Wade Williams        RXM Re-Release Stars
  6   Ben Mossman - Irving Lipscomb - Brian Mossman    RXM Re-Release Stars
  7   Tom Scherman - David Stipes - Dennis Muren       RXM Re-Release Crew
  8   Bob Burns - Mike Minor - Bob Skotak              RXM Re-Release Crew
  9   Dr. Eckstrom, Lisa Van Horne, Floyd Graham an
 10   A Martian mutant from a nuclear holocaust in
 11   Professor Fleming holds a pre-flight press co
 12   At the pre-flight conference, Dr. Eckstrom ou
 13   After the press conference, reporters discuss
 14   At the launch site, technicians prepare the "
 15   Professor Fleming, technicians and the media
 16   Dr. Eckstrom and the crew enter the "Rocketsh
 17   Graham, Chamberlain and Corrigan check the RX
 18   The crew makes final inspections and contacts
 19   Ignition is successful and the "Rocketship XM
 20   The stress of lift-off is visible on Lisa Van
 21   The "Rocketship XM" lifts off to the void of
 22   Fuel expert Lisa Van Horne and Harry Chamberl
 23   Lisa Van Horne directs Dr. Eckstrom's attenti
 24   Dr. Eckstrom and Harry Chamberlain establish
 25   At Earth Station of the White Sands Proving G
 26   Floyd Graham and the crew brace themselves as
 27   Engineer Corrigan pulls the control to releas
 28   The RXM booster is separated from the main se
 29   Lisa Van Horne fears a collision with the boo
 30   Navigator Chamberlain informs the crew that t
 31   Floyd Graham and Dr. Eckstrom discuss the mis
 32   Dr. Eckstrom and Floyd Graham watch from the
 33   Engineer Bill Corrigan pressurizes the motor
 34   Lisa Van Horne asks Floyd Graham to get some
 35   Floyd Graham believes both Dr. Eckstrom and L
 36   Floyd Graham talks of the strange influence o
 37   Dr. Eckstrom can't compute a definite increas
 38   The Rocketship XM" safely lands on the surfac
 39   Dr. Eckstrom leads Horne, Graham, Chamberlain
 40   As the crew leaves the ship, Corrigan describ
 41   Lisa Van Horne gets a closer look at the Mart
 42   Dr. Eckstrom believes he has spotted somethin
 43   Among a red, charred portion of the Martian s
 44   Dr. Eckstrom warns the crew that the object i
 45   The RXM crew comes upon a ruined structure th
 46   The crew finds similar artifacts near the rui
 47   A humanoid mutation from a nuclear war attack
 48   The RXM crew find refuge from a group of prim
 49   The "Rocketship XM" blasts away from the Mart
 50   Floyd and Lisa embrace as they face a fiery d

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