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The Rolling Stones
   Whosontour Entertainment - 2007/2008

Notes:  Some of the cards, including especially 149 and 150, appear to be extremely 
short-printed, so I now consider these two "chase cards.' Thanks much to silmapco 
and Mark Pratt for assistance! Further information and scans are posted at the 
Whosontour website.

Box: 24 packs of 6 cards + 1 temporary tattoo.
Common sets: approx. 0.94 per box if collation were perfect.

No.     Card Text / Description

001     Mick Jagger: The Tattoo You European Tour of 1
002     1964 Highlights: The rock and roll band had pe                 
003     Keith Richards: Stones rhythm guitarist Keith
004     Mick Jagger: 1980's Start Me Up spent more tim
005     Keith Richards: The Rolling Stones 1st US TV a
006     Ronnie Wood: Ronnie Wood earned his 1st Rollin
007     Keith Richards: The Rolling Stones played to o
008     Charlie Watts: Charlie Watts collected his fir
009     Keith Richards: The band was guaranteed a pers
010     Ronnie Wood: The Rolling Stones played divisio
011     1978 Highlights: The Some Girls album spawned
012     Charlie Watts: Charlie Watts published his Ode
013     Keith Richards: Keith Richards was present at
014     Keith Richards: An estimated one billion TV vi
015     Mick Jagger: Mick Jagger & reggae legend Peter
016     (leaning forward)
017     2003 Highlights: The Rolling Stones 2003 free
018     Keith Richards: Hal Ashby's convert movie Lets
019     (arms up on drums)
020     1994 Highlights: The Voodoo Lounge World Tour
021     Babylon Promo: Mick Jagger's Little Boy Blue &
022     (yellow over red)
023     (blue wave)
024     Mick Jagger: The Julliard Music School in Manh
025     Mick Jagger: Mick Jagger was bestowed the nobi
026     Ronnie Wood: Ronnie Wood performed and recorde
027     Mick Jagger: The Rolling Stones closed out the
028     1990 Highlights: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
029     Charlie Watts: Charlie Watts focused on his dr
030     Mick Jagger: The Beggars Banquet album was eve
031     Ronnie Wood: Ronnie Wood was born June the 1st
032     Mick Jagger: The Aftermath Compilation LP was
033     (white over black)
034     (blue with purple suspenders)
035     1998 Highlights: The Bridge to Babylon Tour de
036     Mick Jagger: The Waiting on a Friend video was
037     1964 Highlights: The Rolling Stones name emerg
038     Charlie Watts: Charlie Watts runs an award win
039     Keith Richards: 1968's Salt of the Earth was K
040     Mick Jagger: Mick Jagger married girl friend B
041     Keith Richards: Keith Richards married famed f
042     Mick Jagger: Andy Warhol created a set of ten
043     Keith Richards: The Hyde Park Concert was in m
044     Keith Richards: The Rolling Stones along with
045     2006 Highlights: The Stones 1st ever live show
046     Keith Richards: Paint it Black would become a
047     Ronnie Wood: As a teenager Ronnie Wood studied
048     Charlie Watts: The Rolling Stones played their
049     Mick Jagger: The Stones hit single Start Me Up
050     Keith Richards: The Rolling Stones threw a min
051     Mick Jagger: Over a million fans surfaced to w
052     Ronnie Wood: Ron Wood's level of fame and succ
053     1994 Highlights: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
054     Keith Richards: While playing a Stones show in
055     1995 Highlights: The rock band performed the j
056     Charlie Watts: A Thanks Your Lucky Stars hit c
057     Ronnie Wood: The Stones were the 1st rock and
058     Keith Richards: Ladies and Gentlemen The Rolli
059     Mick Jagger: Singer Mick Jagger, born Michael
060     1989 Highlights: The rock band broke a single
061     Keith Richards: The World's Greatest Rock and
062     Charlie Watts: Charlie Watts was born June Sec
063     1978 Highlights: The Rolling Stones played thr
064     Mick Jagger: The band has sold in excess of 24
065     Keith Richards: The Rolling Stones classic cha
066     Mick Jagger: Mick jagger made his first cinema
067     2005 Highlights: Band members Ronnie Wood & Ke
068     Mick Jagger: The Voodoo Lounge World Tour trav
069     Charlie Watts: Rock and Roll pioneer & Hall of
070     Ronnie Wood: The memorable 1969 Hyde Park Trib
071     Mick Jagger: Mick Jagger & David Bowie's 1985
072     Ronnie Wood: The Rolling Stones held a release
073     1997 Highlights: The rock band cruised to its
074     1989 Highlights: Steel Wheels charted with com
075     1998 Highlights: The Rolling Stones played a b
076     (black and white in street)
077     (four over green)
078     (framing stadia)
079     (red explosion)
080     (red and white on stage)
081     (band outdoors)
082     (four over white)
083     (four Japanese style)
084     (black and white singing)
085     Babylon Promo: The Bridges to Babylon Tour eng
086     1981 Highlights: The Rolling Stones set an ind
087     1989 Highlights: Rolling Stones at the Max was
088     1997 Highlights: The Rolling Stones are the mo
089     Keith Richards: The Emotional Rescue LP gave T
090     2002 Highlights: The rock band traveled to its
091     The band had selected NYC's world famous Grand
092     1975 American Tour: 1975's Tour of the America
093     Babylon Promo: The rockers started their 2006
094     Mick Jagger: The Rolling Stones played famed W
095     Licks Promo: The Last Licks Concert from NYC's
096     1994 Highlights: The Voodoo Lounge Press Confe
097     Bridges to Babylon: The Bridges to Babylon Tou
098     1997 Highlights: Satisfaction dominated the ai
099     Exile on Main St: The double LP Exile on Main
100     1976 European Tour: The sold-out 1976 European
101     Cardiff Castle: The original Stones Cardiff Ca
102     Mick Jagger: At the historic Altamont Show the
103     Undercover: The video for Undercover of the Ni
104     Its Only Rock N Roll: To launch its only rock
105     1973 European Tour: The 1973 Tour of Europe ha
106     1972 North America: After a series of forty-ei
107     Its Only Rock N Roll: The very first Glimmer T
108     United Kingdom: The band got started on its ma
109     Bridges to Babylon: No Security, the band's 7t
110     Tattoo You: 1981's Tattoo You dispensed a slew
111     (roadster)
112     (molecule)
113     Black and Blue: Ronnie Wood made his album deb
114     2006 Australia: The Rolling Stones visited bot
115     Voodoo Lounge: The first leg of the Voodoo Lou
116     Urban Jungle: The renamed Urban Jungle tour be
117     Some Girls: The original cover of Some Girls f
118     Exile on Main St: Many tracks off the highly r
119     United States: The Rolling Stones closed out t
120     1970 European Tour: After twenty shows across
121     Babylon Promo: The Bridges to Babylon North Am
122     Tattoo You: 1981's Tattoo You was a big record
123     Bridges to Babylon: The Bridges to Babylon Tou
124     Rolling Stones: John Pasche's iconic lips and
125     Still Life: Still Life was recorded over the p
126     Sticky Fingers: Andy Warhol developed the famo
127     Bridges to Babylon: The Bridges to Babylon Tou
128     1989 North America: The 1989 Steel Wheels Nort
129     Canada: The Rolling Stones would slip away fro
130     Licks World Tour: The Licks Tour required fift
131     Licks Promo: Over one and a half million peopl
132     Voodoo Lounge: The Rolling Stones won a Grammy
133     Charlie Watts: The Stones Get Yer Ya-Yas Out w
134     Harlem Shuffle: The Rolling Stones remake of t
135     Love You Live: Love You Live was recorded duri
136     Voodoo Lounge: Live Is Strong became the 1st s
137     Goats Head Soup: Angie went to Number One in t
138     1978 US Tour: After twenty five concerts in ei
139     Some Girls: Some Girls is The Stones #1 sellin
140     Steel Wheels: Steel Wheels played a total of s
141     Goats Head Soup: On the heels of Goats Head So
142     1973 Australia: The Rolling Stones closed out
143     1969 US Tour: The Maysles Brothers Epic Concer
144     Live Licks: Four Flicks captures the excitemen
145     Made in the Shade: Released at the opening of
146     1990 Tokyo: The Rolling Stones played Japan fo
147     1973 New Zealand: The rock band made a return
148     Babylon Promo: The first leg of Bridges to Bab


Rare "Base" Cards

149     Mick Jagger
150     Keith Richards

Temporary Tattoos (1 per pack)

7749    red with two white stripes
7751    U.S. flag
7753    U.K. flag
7755    purple and orange saw edge
7757    gray and yellow stripes
7758    Canada flag
7759    voodoo
7760    baseball
7761    purple prongs
7783    tie-dye multicolor
 --     flowers
 --     red tongue with black prongs

Guitar Picks (1:6 packs)

 --     red pearl pick with gold tongue
 --     red pearl pick with silver tongue
 --     white pearl pick with gold tongue
 --     white pearl pick with silver tongue
 --     white pearl pick with red tongue
 --     black pick with gold tongue
 --     black pick with silver tongue
 --     white pick with red tongue
 --     yellow pick with red tongue
 --     pink pick with red tongue

Satin Sticker Cards (1:8 packs)

 --     1971 UK Tour (image from card 100)
 --     Cardiff Castle (image from card 101)
 --     1972 North America (image from card 106)
 --     Tattoo You (image from card 110)
 --     Urban Jungle (image from card 116)
 --     Voodoo Lounge (image from card 115)
 --     Some Girls (image from card 117)
 --     1970 European Tour (image from card 120)
 --     Bridges to Babylon (image from card 123)
 --     Licks Crusade (image from card 131)
 --     Voodoo Lounge (image from card 132)
 --     Love You Live (image from card 135)
 --     1978 US Tour  (image from card 138)
 --     1969 US Tour (image from card 143)
 --     1990 Tokyo (image from card 146)

Holographic Tongue Cards (1:12 packs)

108     UK flag
119     US flag
124     dark red tongue with two white stripes
124     light red tongue with two white stripes
129     Canada flag
140     red and blue sawtooth

Uncut Sheets (sold separately)

 --     Sheet One (cards 001-099; 40" x 28")
 --     Sheet Two (2 blocks 100-148, 7 red-tongue; 40" x 28")
 --     Sheet Three (2 blocks 100-148, 7 holographic tongue; 40" x 28")
 --     Sheet Four (10x10 panel; 40" x 28")
 --     Sheet Five (cards 100-148; 28" x 19")
 --     Sheet Six (cards 100-148 with 5 holographic foils; 28" x 19")

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©2008, 2015 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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