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Exotica: The Fantasy Art of Leroy Roper
Image 2000 - 1995

Notes:  Originally distributed as a boxed factory set.  Further information and
scans are posted at the artist's website. Thanks much to Tom Boucher for the

No.   Title

 01   Prayer of the Golden Butterfly
 02   She Bears the Seed
 03   The Butterfly and the Flower
 04   Earth Dancer
 05   The Dragonfly Emerges
 06   The Web
 07   The Dance of Spring
 08   Empress
 09   The Blue Butterfly
 10   The Angel Awakens
 11   The Sprite
 12   From the Sculpture Garden
 13   The Guardian in Stone
 14   Lightning ... The Storm
 15   The Feathered Bird
 16   Defender of the Dragon
 17   Mermaid of the Grecian Bath
 18   And She Would Be Medusa
 19   Egyptine Feline
 20   The Moonlight and the Panther
 21   Waterfall
 22   A Child of Earth
 23   Visions of the Golden Pyramid
 24   New World Horizon
 25   The Bonnets  ...  The Stream
 26   And She Would Turn To Stone
 27   The Zebra and the Falls
 28   The Feline Solitaire
 29   Siberian Tigress
 30   She Waits
 31   Awaiting Her Prey
 32   The White Tigress
 33   Tigre at Dawn
 34   Surveying Her Domain
 35   Rainforest Panther
 36   The Leopard and the Sphinx
 37   The Mermaid Queen
 38   The Mermaids Bathe
 39   Mermaid of the Rocks
 40   She Lay upon the Beach
 41   Mermaid Memorium
 42   Mermaid of the Waterfall
 43   The Scream of Mermaids Lost
 44   Beneath the Sea
 45   On the Sea Floor
 46   Serpentine
 47   The Dark Butterfly
 48   Flower Child
 49   The Woman and the Vine
 50   The Ghost of Love
 51   She Brings Forth the Grape
 52   Firefly
 53   Autumn Song
 54   The Sirens Refrain


 P1   The Feline Solitaire
 P2   The Angel Awakens
 P3   Beneath the Sea
 --   (Premium Promo Pak: two oversized cards, 5" x 7")
 --   (dealer sell sheet, 8-1/2" x 11")

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