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Rotten to the Core: The Best and Worst of
New York City's Politics
   Eclipse - 1989

Note:  Distributed only in a boxed set.

No.   Personality           Function

  1   Rotten to the Core    New York City Hall
  2   Edward I. Koch        Mayor
  3   John LoCicero         Patronage Chief
  4   David Garth           Media Wizard
  5   Meade Esposito        Brooklyn County Leader
  6   Vito Fossella         Ferry Chief
  7   Rick Mazzeo           Ferry Leasing Head
  8   Alex Liberman         Leasing Czar
  9   Mario Biaggi          Congressman
 10   Stanley Simon         Bronx Borough President
 11   The Investigators     New York's Finest
 12   Donald Manes          Queens Borough President
 13   Geoffrey Lindenauer   Deputy Director of the PVB
 14   Bernard Sandow        Government Witness
 15   Lester Shafran        PVB Commissioner
 16   Shelly Chevlowe       Queens Marshal
 17   Melvin Lebetkin       Queens Lawyer
 18   Michael Dowd          Collection Agent
 19   Herb Ryan             Taxi Commissioner
 20   Jay Turoff            Taxi and Limousine Czar
 21   Anthony Ameruso       Transportation Commissioner
 22   Victor Botnick        City Health & Hospitals President
 23   The Reporters         New York's Advocates
 24   Stanley Friedman      Bronx Democratic Leader
 25   Roy Cohn              Wheeler-Dealer
 26   Donald Trump          Real Estate Tycoon
 27   Marvin Kaplan         Citisource Chairman
 28   Michael Lazar         Real Estate Baron
 29   Bess Myerson          Miss America
 30   Andy Capasso          City Contractor
 31   Sukhreet Gabel        Witness for the Prosecution
 32   Joseph DeVincenzo     Talent Bank Head
 33   David Dinkins         Mayoral Candidate
 34   Ronald Lauder         Mayoral Candidate
 35   Alfonse D'Amato       New York Republican Senator
 36   Rudolph Giuliani      Mayoral Candidate

 --   (credits sheet and order form)

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