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Route 66 - The Mother Road
Mother Productions - 1995

Note:  Produced as a boxed factory set, limited edition of 5,000.

No.   Card Text / Title

  1   Route 66 The Mother Road from Mother Productions
  2   Mother Productions Premium Line
  3   The Federal Government passed the Federal Aid Road Act
  4   One of the main forces of the Chicago to Los Angeles ro
  5   When the highway became official in 1926 there were onl
  6   The highway went on through the Roaring 20's the Dust B
  7   The vacationers were driving their new chariots of chro
  8   The 50's had made the fabulous route an American icon.
  9   President Eisenhower appointed a committee to study the
 10   CBS Television made a TV series in the early 60's calle
 11   Seligman, Arizona is where the Snow Cap Restaurant is l
 12   There are many variations of Route 66 road signs, motel
 13   An image taken from an old postcard. The Painted Desert
 14   Still standingm a 1920's gas station. This particular b
 15   Left over from brighter days, this old truck is now a r
 16   Another truck in a farm field. If that truck could only
 17   A drive-in still operating 40 years later. This drive-i
 18   The Magic Lamp Restaurant Inn. The restaurant opened in
 19   Long before the corporate chains of motels, there were
 20   The motels were made of wood, stone, brick, logs or spe
 21   No matter what the name, they were there to cater to yo
 22   Route 66 Territory Visitors Bureau. This is a Route 66
 23   One of eight Wigwam Motels. There are only three left n
 24   Now this Wigwam is equipped with water beds and the Rou
 25   Gallup, New Mexico An ariel view of the sprawling city.
 26   Early Mc Donald's ruins. Built in 1954, this was number
 27   A special Route 66 Mc Donald's. this is a new Mc Donald
 28   Cruis'in the Buick Roadmaster on the Mother Road. Our N
 29   Even though the fast lane travel of the Interstate has
 30   Motel Unique ... is not so unique anymore, with the exc
 31   It seems some of us were born to be nomadic travelers o
 32   For a subscription send too: Route 66 Magazine
 33   Route 66 - Have a Safe Fun Journey
 34   Santa Monica, California The end of the romantic advent

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