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The Royal Family - Series 1
Press Pass - 1993

Notes:  The "What's in the Stars For..." cards were found in non-foil and foil-
enhanced versions in hobby and jumbo packs, respectively. Thanks much to 
Bill DeFranzo for the update!

Hobby Box: 48 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets (111): approx. 3.89 per box if collation were perfect.
Jumbo Box: 50 packs of 13 cards.
Common sets (111): approximately 5.86 per box.

No.   Title

  1   Early storm warnings!
  2   Queen declares annus as horribilis
  3   Queen for every occasion
  4   Beware of tots at the table
  5   Bull---- what?
  6   You wanna be where? Are you kidding?
  7   Happy Di's are here again
  8   Vacationus Terrificus!
  9   Dad's boys for a week, almost
 10   It's all my fault
 11   No bed of Tudor roses for Di
 12   Where is the facade?
 13   In the words of the Royal dressmaker
 14   He has his love to keep him warm
 15   The night of the lonely hunter
 16   Royal losses
 17   The morning after
 18   Princess Glucksburg?
 19   The Prince is not amused
 20   Fergie fails the Royal test
 21   Popularity makes Princess perfect
 22   Better dead than red!
 23   Let the Fergie out of the ashtray
 24   What's that about love and chocolate?
 25   Lady, Lady, fly away home
 26   My Prince, my love
 27   A Royal hero, for the moment
 28   Where's Charley's Royal stuff?
 29   The Devil take him, says Saint Diana
 30   In a pinch
 31   William, the conker!
 32   Get thee behind me, Darling!
 33   Hidden assets
 34   Loads of lovely luchre
 35   A girl can't have enough
 36   The Queen's way
 37   From penniless to Prince
 38   Auld lang syne
 39   Never Mum, for a moment
 40   Reserves of love and loyalty
 41   The tongue twister
 42   They shoulda when they coulda
 43   Princess of toils
 44   One neigh or two, please
 45   Anne of a thousand ways and means
 46   In sickness and in health, till the tabloids do us part
 47   Don't look down now!
 48   Hardly a wet kiss
 49   What's wrong with this picture?
 50   Buckingham Palace
 51   Her home is her castle
 52   The Royal roose - Kensington Palace
 53   Balmoral Castle
 54   Sandringham, Norfolk

   Royal Scandal

 55   Vet me a virgin, Mary
 56   Fred and Gladys
 57   The sweet and sweaty sounds of love
 58   The look of love was in their eyes
 59   A snitch in time
 60   The lady's not for talking
 61   Rx for disaster
 62   The book that shook the throne
 63   Diana of the sorrows

 64   It takes two to make a charm work
 65   Did she or didn't she?
 66   Say it isn't so, Squidgy!
 67   Royals on the rocks
 68   Too late the scrambler
 69   Camillagate
 70   Grrrrrrrrufff
 71   The Queen Mum, an untouchable icon
 72   Liz Smith

   A Passion for Fashion

 73   Hats! Hats! Hats!
 74   Royal habit of hats
 75   Fun dressing up and still look chic
 76   Sporty, sexy good taste
 77   Sporting a skirt and shoe combination
 78   No fear of wearing fake pearls
 79   Ice-blue, one-shouldered number
 80   Fashion consultant to the spirited Sarah
 81   Sarah Ferguson first showed feistiness
 82   Whither doth the wind blow?
 83   Fergie was basically a mess
 84   Queen Elizabeth's idea of change
 85   The Queen is quite economical
 86   Queen's penchant for dowdiness


 87   A Serene to a Royal Highness
 88   I do, but which one are you?
 89   Beauty and the breach
 90   Diana's bare-handed benefits

   Portrait Gallery

 91   Queen Mother
 92   Queen Elizabeth II
 93   Prince Philip
 94   Prince Charles
 95   Princess Diana
 96   Prince Andrew
 97   Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson
 98   Prince Edward
 99   Princess Margaret

   What's in the Stars for ... (Regular Packs: Non-Foil)

100   Princess Diana
101   Prince Charles
102   Prince Philip
103   Prince William
104   Prince Andrew
105   Lady Sarah
106   Queen Elizabeth II
107   Queen Mother
108   Princess Anne
109   Prince Edward

110   A chagrined Duchess of York [Fergie Scratch-Off Card]

 --   Checklist [unnumbered]

VARIANT CARDS (Jumbo Packs: Silver Foil Enhanced)

100   Princess Diana
101   Prince Charles
102   Prince Philip
103   Prince William
104   Prince Andrew
105   Lady Sarah
106   Queen Elizabeth II
107   Queen Mother
108   Princess Anne
109   Prince Edward


 --   Is This Royal Behavior? ["for review purposes only"]
 --   A Passion For Fashion ["for review purposes only"]
 --   The Day the World Fell In Love

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©1999, 2000, 2009 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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