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Royo, Secret Desires
Comic Images - 1997

Note: Thanks much to Peter A. van Dartel for updates!

Box: 48 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 5.3 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.  Title

    1  Felino
    2  The Emerald Table
    3  Guilty Pleasures
    4  study for Tentación Sesgada
    5  Slanted Temptation
    6  Squires Honer
    7  study for Fisuras de Brisa
    8  Breeze Fissures
    9  untitled
   10  study for El Sendero de los Sueños
   11  The Path of Dreams
   12  The Son of Baphonet
   13  study for Palabras Oscuras
   14  Dark Words sec. A
   15  Dark Words sec. B
   16  Immaculate
   17  untitled
   18  study for Comunión
   19  Communion
   20  A Dream of Eagles - The Singing Sword
   21  study for Bajo Viento Negro
   22  Under Black Wind
   23  study for Cábala Dorada
   24  study for La Voz del Engaño
   25  The Voice of Deceit
   26  Sombra del Número Dos
   27  study for Diana de Bitrú
   28  Diana of Bitrú
   29  Heat Stars
   30  Last Sword of Power
   31  Red Halo
   32  Threads of Desire
   33  The Shadow Chapel
   34  Wolf in Shadow
   35  study for Diagonal de Sueño
   36  Dream Diagonal
   37  Pilgrimage
   38  study for Metafíscia
   39  Window towards Buonarroti
   40  Ghost King
   41  study for Reflejos Secretos
   42  Secret Reflections
   43  study for Vuelos Negros
   44  Black Flights III
   45  Black Flights IV
   46  study for Vuelos Negros
   47  Black Flights II
   48  study for La Mano Tres Círculos
   49  The Hand of Three Circles
   50  The Acacia Leaves
   51  Shadow Run
   52  study for Niebla de Pasadofuturo
   53  Empire of the Eagle
   54  A Million Tears
   55  Oblivious Vapors
   56  Preying for Keeps
   57  study for La Nueva Piel
   58  study for La Señal Furtiva
   59  The Furtive Sign sec. A
   60  The Furtive Sign sec. B
   61  The Heart of the Scales
   62  The Singing Sword
   63  The Lucifer Deck
   64  study for Miel de Sombras
   65  Shadow Honey
   66  Bastei
   67  Moon Echo
   68  study for Las Semillas de la Nada
   69  The Horses at the Gate
   70  Der Prinz von Sparta
   71  La Tribu de la Isla
   72  Royo - Secret Desires Checklist


Omnichrome Cards

 Omni 1   study for "La Búsqueda de los Héroes Perdidos"
 Omni 2   study for "Estrellas de Calor"
 Omni 3   study for "Hilos de Anhelo"
 Omni 4   study for "Vapores de Olvido"
 Omni 5   study for "Eco de Luna"
 Omni 6   study for "La Table Esmeralda"

Autographed Card

 ---   Royo / Congratulations! ["Multiplied by Ice"]


 ---   (Binder)
 ---   (6-up panel, available only with binder)


 ---   coming February 1997 (Unnumbered)
 ---   (dealer sell sheet)

©1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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