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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer &
the Island of the Misfit Toys
   Dart Flipcards - 2001 (not released)

Notes: I decided it is useful to provide information on sets that were cancelled or
postponed, but for which cards multiple are available.  Full distribution for this
set was cancelled, but Dart released 250-300 copies of insert sets, plus sketch
cards. Thanks to Albert Joseph for the update!

No.   Description/Title


Movie Reels Cards

M-1   (puzzle upper left)
M-2   (puzzle center left)
M-3   (puzzle lower left)
M-4   (puzzle upper middle)
M-5   (puzzle center)
M-6   (puzzle lower middle)
M-7   (puzzle upper right)
M-8   (puzzle center right)
M-9   (puzzle lower right)

Holofoil Original Cartoon Cards
 C1   In what year was Rudolph the Red Nosed Re
 C2   Which famous reindeer was Rudolph's fathe
 C3   The Jack-in-the-Box was a misfit because
 C4   Who was the voice of Sam the Showman in t
 C5   What was the Abominable Snowman's one wea
 C6   Why was Mrs. Claus worried about Santa Cl

Sketch Cards

--    Susie Q (comprises most of the sketch cards)
--    BB (about half as many as by Susie Q)

--    (Art by Darren Auck; full colored full cast)
        -- Bumble (# to 6)
        -- Rudolph, Hermey & Santa (# to 6)
        -- Sam the Snowman (# to 3)
        -- Santa & Rudolph (# to 4)
        -- Yukon Cornelius (# to 3)


P-1   Coming October 2001
C-C   Coming October 2001 (San Diego Comic Con)
#2    Coming October 2001 (Philly Show Special)
--    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer & the Island of the Misfit Toys (dealer sell sheet, 8-1/2" x 11")

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