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Tempo - 1997

Box: 30 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.06 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Title                                             Subset

  1    Rugrats Collector Cards                           Title Card
  2    Tommy Pickles                                     Character Cards
  3    Chuckie Finster                                   Character Cards
  4    Phil + Lil De Ville                               Character Cards
  5    Angelica Pickles                                  Character Cards
  6    Susie Carmichaels                                 Character Cards
  7    Didi Pickles                                      Character Cards
  8    Stu Pickles                                       Character Cards
  9    Grandpa Pickles                                   Character Cards
 10    Drew Pickles                                      Character Cards
 11    Charlotte Pickles                                 Character Cards
 12    Betty DeVille                                     Character Cards
 13    Howard De Ville                                   Character Cards
 14    Chaz Finster                                      Character Cards
 15    Boris / Minka                                     Character Cards
 16    Spike Pickles                                     Character Cards
 17    Fluffy                                            Character Cards
 18    Reptar                                            Character Cards
 19    Tommy Bangs His Head                              Touchdown Tommy
 20    Tommy Bursts into Tears                           Touchdown Tommy
 21    Down in Stu's Basement                            Touchdown Tommy
 22    Protective Head Gear                              Touchdown Tommy
 23    The Phone Rings                                   Touchdown Tommy
 24    The game Is On                                    Touchdown Tommy
 25    The Bonk-o-Matic Baby Bumper                      Touchdown Tommy
 26    The Test Run                                      Touchdown Tommy
 27    Wheel Her In Boys                                 Touchdown Tommy
 28    Each Kid Gets One                                 Touchdown Tommy
 29    Go Get Em Dallas                                  Touchdown Tommy
 30    Phil & Lil Do a Headstand                         Touchdown Tommy
 31    Wow!! It's Chocolate Milk!                        Touchdown Tommy
 32    Gimme' That Bottle!                               Touchdown Tommy
 33    "Nice Second Effort There"                        Touchdown Tommy
 34    Turn It Up, Stu!!                                 Touchdown Tommy
 35    "... Big Bubba Nogursky Breaks Through..."        Touchdown Tommy
 36    Sheer Luck!!                                      Touchdown Tommy
 37    "Whoa! A Fumble, Loose Ball!"                     Touchdown Tommy
 38    Phil Dives on To It and Takes a Drink             Touchdown Tommy
 39    Get It Tommy!                                     Touchdown Tommy
 40    It's Intercepted!!                                Touchdown Tommy
 41    Huh?!... Uh Oh!                                   Touchdown Tommy
 42    Chocolate Milk!?                                  Touchdown Tommy
 43    The End of the Game                               Touchdown Tommy
 44    Eeewww! Yuck!                                     Touchdown Tommy
 45    Thank-You for Watching                            Touchdown Tommy
 46    In the Pickles' Kitchen Didi is feeding Tommy.    The Trial
 47    Didi: Oh Betty, that was Mr. Fluffles, Tommy's    The Trial
 48    Angelica comes into the room sleepily. Angelica   The Trial
 49    Tommy: I loved my clown lamp like a brother and   The Trial
 50    Angelica: Aw, quit bellyachin'! Forget about yo   The Trial
 51    Chuckie walks up to Tommy and puts his hand on    The Trial
 52    Tommy points around the group. Tommy: Then I wa   The Trial
 53    Angelica: Well, Tommy, there is one way to find   The Trial
 54    Angelica: See these teddy bears? They're the je   The Trial
 55    Angelica: Now, since I'm the smartest person he   The Trial
 56    Angelica: For my first witless I call... Phil a   The Trial
 57    Angelica: Where were you on the night of June 6   The Trial
 58    Phil and Lil flash back to what they were doing   The Trial
 59    Angelica: You did start by playing a nice game    The Trial
 60    Angelica: Yes, who? Who coulda knocked over the   The Trial
 61    Angelica: You can tell he did it. Chuckie: I di   The Trial
 62    Chuckie: They were playing "ring 'round the ros   The Trial
 63    Chuckie: I ran and ran and ran and ran. But I c   The Trial
 64    Angelica: When you were sitting there watching    The Trial
 65    Tommy: Order, order! If Chuckie says he didn't    The Trial
 66    Angelica: I took two naps today. Phil   The Trial
 67    Angelica: Oh, brother. Do I have to tell you ba   The Trial
 68    Angelica: Soooo... I found your Halloween mask    The Trial
 69    We cross back to the Pickles' living room. - An   The Trial
 70    Didi: Angelica!  Angelica: Ooops, I didn't do i   The Trial
 71    Angelica: No, not the chair!! Not the chair!!     The Trial
 72    Chuckie: Does this mean the persecutor did it?    The Trial
 73    Tommy                                             Stand-Ups
 74    Chuckie                                           Stand-Ups
 75    Angelica                                          Stand-Ups
 76    Phil                                              Stand-Ups
 77    Lil                                               Stand-Ups
 78    Spike                                             Stand-Ups
 79    Reptar                                            Stand-Ups
 80    Susie                                             Stand-Ups
 81    Grandpa                                           Stand-Ups
 82    R                                                 Mobile
 83    U                                                 Mobile
 84    G                                                 Mobile
 85    R                                                 Mobile
 86    A                                                 Mobile
 87    T                                                 Mobile
 88    S                                                 Mobile
 89    Nickelodeon Rugrats                               Mobile
 90    Instructions for Use                              Mobile
 91    The Klakker                                       Klakker Card
 92    "Eeeww-yuk, it's great"                           Caught in the Act
 93    "We're Doomed"                                    Caught in the Act
 94    (Chuckie and Tommy)                               Spot the Difference
 95    (Rugrats and butterfly)                           Spot the Difference
 96    (Rugrats around toybox)                           Spot the Difference
 97    Tempo Trading Cards                               Tempo Card
 98    Checklist 1                                       Checklists
 99    Checklist 2                                       Checklists
100    Checklist 3                                       Checklists


Tommy's Favorite Things Cards (numbered to 6000)

TFT1   Chuckie
TFT2   Spike
TFT3   Mr. Fluffles
TFT4   Phil & Lil
TFT5   Ball
TFT6   Reptar
TFT7   Screwdriver

Rugrats at Play (numbered to 2500)

RP1    (Tommy, Chuckie, and Spike)
RP2    (Snowball Fight)
RP3    (Rugrats at Toy Box)

Peek-a-Boo Card (numbered to 700)

P1     Peek-a-Boo Card

The Ultimate Chase Card (numbered to 50)

Part 1 The Pursuers
Part 2 The Pursued


 1       Chuckie
 2       Angelica
 --      (Pickles Family; unnumbered)
 --      (Tommy, Spike, and Chuckie; unnumbered)
 B1      (Intended as card for binder, never produced)
Part 1   The Pursuers (same as Ultimate Chase, serial number space left blank)
Part 2   The Pursued (same as Ultimate Chase, serial number space left blank)

©2003, 2004, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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