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Rulers, Coats of Arms, and Flags
   W. Duke's Sons & Co. - 1888 (tri-fold)
   W. Duke's Sons & Co. - 1889 (singles)

Notes: The tri-fold version has larger cards in folding-triptych format, with 
advertising text and a checklist on backs. The single-card version has blank backs 
and excludes the unexpected Niagara card, which might be considered a "pack-
nserted promo" in 21st-Century terms. American Card Catalog reference is N126. 
Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

    Coat of Arms            Ruler                               Renown

    Australia               Prince of Wales                     Kangaroo
    Austria                 F. Joseph I, Empr. Austria          Austrian Soldier
    Baden                   Alderic Archduke of Baden
    Bavaria                 Luitpold, Regt. of Bavaria          Probit!
    Belgium                 Leopold II, King of Belgium         City Hall Brussels
    Bolivia                 G. Pacheto, President
    Brazil                  Pedro II Emperor of Brazil          Brazilian Coffee
    Canada                  Gov. General of Canada              Tobogganing
    Chili                   J. M. Balmaceda, Prest.             Very Chilly
    China                   Chinese Mandarin                    Chinese Custom House
    Cuba                    Maria, Queen of Spain               Tobacco Field
    Denmark                 Christian IX King of Denmark
    Ecuador                 Prest. Gaamō of Ecuador             Cactus Plant
    Egypt                   The Sphinx                          Egyptian Woman
    England                 Queen Victoria
    French Republic         Sadi-Carnot, Prest. France          French Cook
    German Empire           William I, Emperor of Germany       Man of War Flag
    Greece                  George I King of Greece             Greecian Lady
    Guatemala               M. L. Barillas, Prest.              Coffee Plantation
    Hayti                   Genl Salomon, Prest.
    Holland                 King of Holland
    Honduras                Genl. L. Bogran, Prest.
    Hungary                 Franz Liszt, Pianist, Hungarian     Magyar Costume
    India                   Takore Sahib of Morvi               Snake Charmer
    Ireland                 Cbhas. Parnell, M.P.
    Italy                   Humbert I, King of Italy            Scene in Venice
    Japan                   Mikado of Japan                     Tea-Chests
    Mecklenburg             Prince Bismarck
    Mexico                  President Diaz, Mexico              Mexican Horseman
    Norway                  Queen of Norway & Sweden            Scene in Norway
    Oldenburg               Count v. Moltke
    Persia                  Shah of Persia                      Persian Woman
    Peru                    Genl Caceres, Prest.                Llama
    Portugal                Luiz I, King of Portugal
    Roman States            Pope Leo XIII                       St. Peter, Rome
    Roumania                Charles, King of Roumania
    Russia                  Alex. III, Czar of Russia           Russian Sleighing
    Sandwich Ids.           King Kalakaua I                     View of Sandwich Is.
    Saxony                  Jilbert, King of Saxony             Musical People
    Scotland                Duke of Argyle, Scotland            Thistle
    Servia                  Milan I, King of Servia
    Siam                    An Idol of Siam
    Spain                   Alphonse XIII, King of Spain        Bull Fight
    Sweden                  Oscar II, King of Sweden & Norway   Swedish Peasant
    Switzerland             Pres. Hertenstein, Switzerland      Swiss Lake and Alpes
    Turkey                  Abdul Hamid, Sultan of Turkey
    U.S. Columbia           Rafael Nunez, President
    United States           Prest. Cleveland                    Liberty
    Venezuela               Guzman Blanco, Prest.
    Wurtemberg              Charles I King of Wurtemberg        Neckar Wine

51st Card (tri-fold edition only)

    Falls of Niagara, N.Y.

Special Item

    Card Album              Rulers, Flags, Coats of Arms of All Nations

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