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Rumpelstiltskin (Movie)
Cannon / Mother's Cookies - 1996

Note:  These cards were distributed in a packet at theaters, and bear the
logo "Cannon's Movie Tales" and sponsorship by Mother's Cookies.

 No.    Title

RM  1   Rumpelstiltskin Cast and Credits
RM  2   Rumpelstiltskin Stirs a Cauldron in His Lair
RM  3   Katie Braids a Crown of Flowers
RM  4   The Miller Brags to a Peasant
RM  5   Prince Henry Meets Katie
RM  6   The Miller and His Daughter in Court
RM  7   The King and Queen on Their Throne
RM  8   Katie Helps Rumpelstiltskin Spinning Gold
RM  9   King Mezzer and Queen Grizelda with Gold
RM 10   Prince Henry and Katie Riding Royal Horses
RM 11   Prince Henry and Katie Getting Married
RM 12   Rumpelstiltskin Keeps His Name a Secret
RM 13   Katie and Emily Search for a Name
RM 14   Emily Speaks the Name "Rumpelstiltskin"
RM 15   Rumpelstiltskin Falls into the Chasm
RM 16   Rumpelstiltskin Theater Poster ... Checklist

  --    Cannon's Movie Tales (card packet)

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