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Sadlittles Chicago Comic Con Promo Set
   Sadlittles - 2010

Notes: Cards were exclusive to the 2010 Chicago Exposition.

 No.     Title               Series                      Artist

CCCE1    The American Lady   Heroes Gold                 Kathryn Layno
CCCE2    Hexy                Dreamers of Darkness        Mark Spears
CCCE3    Stardust            FemForce                    Jon Riggle
CCCE4    Atomic Blaze        Leagacies End               Jim Kyle
CCCE5    Loxy                Essence of Fairyland        Jayson Kretzer
CCCE6    Kaliska Hehewuti    Cowboys and Indian Girls    Mel Uran
CCCE7    Morning Glory       Shadewear Universe          Shade

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