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Sailor Moon Series 1 (Cardzillion)
   Bandai - 1995

Notes:  These cards were sold by Bandai North America in vending machines, often at 
the entrance of Toys 'R Us outlets.  Complete sets are very hard to collect and verify, 
so I offer many thanks to Carlos Ferrer for this one (and others)! Prism  Ultra cards are 
about the same scarcity as the other cards. Further information and scans are posted at 
the Green Ranger website.

No.   Title

  1   Sailor Moon & Luna                    (Prism Ultra)
  2   Sailor Mercury [oval]                 (Prism Ultra)
  3   Sailor Mars [looking]                 (Prism Ultra)
  4   Sailor Jupiter [elbow to wrist]       (Prism Ultra)
  5   The Winning Team!                     (Prism Ultra)
  6   Scouts in Action                      (Prism Ultra)
  7   Just Posing
  8   Lita [arms crossed]
  9   Sailor Venus [eyes closed]
 10   Amy
 11   Serena [palm up]
 12   Raye
 13   Princess of the Moon
 14   Mina
 15   Lita [looking]
 16   Amy and Luna
 17   Serena [swimsuit]
 18   Tuxedo Mask
 19   Sailor Venus [pointing]
 20   Thrown for a Loop
 21   Dinner for Two
 22   Artemis and Luna
 23   Sailor Moon with the Crescent Wand
 24   Sailor Moon
 25   Sailor Mars [angry]
 26   Sailor Mercury [running]
 27   Sailor Mars [running]
 28   Queen Beryl
 29   Three Sailor Scouts
 30   Sailor Mercury [orb]
 31   Sailor Jupiter [fists]
 32   Raye and Amy
 33   Sailor Venus [standing]
 34   Princess of the Moon
 35   A Tight Squeeze
 36   Lita [leaning forward]
 37   Serena [awed]
 38   Serena and Darien
 39   Caught by Suprise
 40   Sailor Jupiter [fingers up]
 41   Sailor Moon [dark and light]
 42   Sailor Scouts

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