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Sailor Moon Series 2 (Cardzillion)
   Bandai - 1996

Notes:  These cards were sold by Bandai North America in vending machines, often at 
the entrance of Toys 'R Us outlets.  Complete sets are very hard to collect and verify, so 
I offer many thanks to Carlos Ferrer for this one (and others)! Foil cards are about the 
same scarcity as the other cards. Further information and scans are posted at the Green 
Ranger website.

No.   Title

 43   Sailor Moon                        (Foil Ultra)
 44   Sailor Mercury                     (Foil Ultra)
 45   Sailor Mars                        (Foil Ultra)
 46   Sailor Jupiter                     (Foil Ultra)
 47   Sailor Venus                       (Foil Ultra)
 48   Tuxedo Mask                        (Foil Ultra)
 49   Serena
 50   Amy
 51   Raye
 52   Lita
 53   Mina
 54   Darien
 55   Luna & Artemis
 56   Queen Beryl
 57   Jedite
 58   Neflite
 59   Zoycite
 60   Malachite
 61   Alan & Anne
 62   Moonlight Knight
 63   Rini & Luna Shere
 64   Rubbeus
 65   The Four Sisters
 66   Serena & Luna
 67   A Moon Star is Born
 68   Popular Genius
 69   Sailor Mars Revealed
 70   Fun in the Sun
 71   Jupiter's Arrival
 72   Moon Healing Activation
 73   Sailor Scouts [Serena at right]
 74   Forever Serena's Love
 75   Twins? Mina & Serena
 76   Sailor Scouts [Moon in middle]
 77   Sailor Scouts [4, Serena 3rd]
 78   Darien's Gift
 79   Sailor Moon vs. Queen Beryl
 80   Sailor Moon Returns
 81   Sailor Scouts [4, Serena 2nd]
 82   Moon Scepter Eliminator
 83   Heroic Darien
 84   The kid from the sky

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