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Sailor Moon Series 3 (Cardzillion)
   Bandai - 1997

Notes:  These cards were sold by Bandai North America in vending machines, often at 
the entrance of Toys 'R Us outlets.  Complete sets are very hard to collect and verify, so 
I offer many thanks to Carlos Ferrer for this one (and others)! Foil  cards are about the 
same scarcity as the other cards. Further information and scans are posted at the Green 
Ranger website.

No.   Title

 85   Sailor Moon [mouth open]
 86   Sailor Mercury [eyes closed]
 87   Sailor Jupiter [fingers out]        (Foil Ultra)
 88   Sailor Venus [eyes closed]
 89   Sailor Scouts [2]                   (Foil Ultra)
 90   Sailor Scouts [3]
 91   Sailor Moon [eyes wide]
 92   Sailor Mercury [snoring]
 93   Sailor Mars [mouth open]
 94   Sailor Jupiter [mouth open]
 95   Sailor Venus [sad]
 96   Sailor Moon [palms up]
 97   Sailor Mercury [palm down]
 98   Sailor Mars [wrist  on hip]
 99   Sailor Jupiter [fists out]
100   Sailor Venus [fingers up]
101   Sailor Moon [swinging scepter]
102   Sailor Mercury [running in snow]
103   Sailor Mars [arms and legs out]
104   Sailor Jupiter [weaving charge]
105   Sailor Venus [hair billowing]
106   Sailor Scouts [5]
107   Sailor Moon [scepter in front]
108   Mina & Amy                      (Foil Ultra)
109   Serena & Rini
110   Raye [holding mic]
111   Lita [grinning]
112   Rini [swinging]
113   Sailor Scouts [4]
114   Queen Serenity
115   Princess Serenity
116   Prizma
117   Amy & Rini
118   Serena [wrapped arms]
119   Rini & Darien
120   All Five Scouts
121   Rini [kneeling]
122   Serena [gazing up]                  (Foil Ultra)
123   Amy
124   Raye [gazing left]                  (Foil Ultra)
125   Lita [gazing]
126   Mina                                (Foil Ultra)

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