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Sailor Moon Awesome Trading Cards (Series I)
   Dart FlipCards - 1997

Notes: The base-card checklist was used again for the 2000 Sailor Moon Archival 
series. Thanks to Richard Dunbar for the list!

Box: 30 packs of 7 cards. 12 boxes/case.
Common sets: approx. 2.88 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Title

    1    Sailor Moon
    2    The Story
    3    Serena
    4    Sailor Moon
    5    Mina
    6    Sailor Venus
    7    Amy
    8    Sailor Scouts Say
    9    Raye
   10    Sailor Mars
   11    Lita
   12    Sailor Jupiter
   13    Chance Meeting
   14    Dream Boy
   15    Forgotten Dreams
   16    Loyal Companions
   17    Rini's Arrival
   18    Rini
   19    Sticking Together
   20    Mysterious Ally
   21    Raye's Song
   22    Day of Destiny
   23    Darien
   24    Sailor Scouts Say
   25    Plotting Duo
   26    Deadly Thorns
   27    Sailor Scouts Say
   28    Scout Power
   29    Queen Beryl
   30    Nephlite
   31    Jedite
   32    Zoycite & Malachite
   33    Great Goggles
   34    Sailor Scouts Say
   35    Luna & Artemis
   36    Moonlight Knight
   37    Rubbeus
   38    Wiseman
   39    The Four Sisters
   40    Sailor Scouts Say
   41    Moon Star
   42    Sweet Delights
   43    Moon Scepter
   44    Sailor Scouts Say
   45    Sailor Scouts Say
   46    Mars Power
   47    Mind Meld
   48    Transformation Pen
   49    Sailor Scouts Say
   50    Dangerous Duo
   51    Sailor Scouts Say
   52    Rainbow Crystal Alert
   53    Beach Break
   54    Tuxedo Mask
   55    Sailor Scouts Say
   56    Sailor Scouts Say
   57    Raw Power
   58    Sailor Scouts Say
   59    Bungling Trio
   60    Sailor Link
   61    Sailor Mercury
   62    Mighty Mars
   63    Sweet Treat
   64    Sailor Scouts Say
   65    Sailor Scouts Say
   66    Great Ball of Fire
   67    Sailor Uranus in Earthly Form
   68    Healing Locket
   69    Farewell Kiss
   70    Sailor Scouts Say
   71    Sailors Unite
   72    Checklist


Die-Cut Cards (1:10 packs)

  DC1    How does Sailor Moon introduce herself to her enem
  DC2    What was special about Hercules, the big white cat
  DC3    What does Zogcite want from Neflite?
  DC4    What is the name of Serena's brother?
  DC5    What does Darien call Serena?
  DC6    What happens to Tuxedo Mask's rose when he is brai

Case-Topper Cards

  CT1    What is the name of Andrew's girlfriend?
  CT2    Where does Neflite look for help to find answers t
  CT3    How does Luna make contact with her superiors?
  CT4    Why does Queen Beryl send her warriors to earth to

Card Album (sold separately)

   --    (binder)

Stand-Up Cards (mail-in offer)

   S1    Sailor Moon
   S2    Sailor Venus
   S3    Sailor Mercury
   S4    Sailor Mars
   S5    Sailor Jupiter
   S6    Tuxedo Mask


   P1    (team of 5 at night)
   P2    (Sailor Moon)
   --    (Sailors Unite!; Philly Non-Sport Show)
   --    (Sailors Unite!; special offers)
         (Sailor Earth; Toronto Sportscard Expo)
   --    (logo, pink background)
   --    Special (hand-# to 5000)
   --    Uncut promo sheet (3 P1, 3 P2, 2 dealers, + Lone Ranger)
   --    Uncut sheet (die-cut cards)
   --    Uncut sheet (stand-up cards)
   --    Uncut sheet (case-topper cards)

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