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Sailor Moon Prismatic (Series II)
   Dart FlipCards - 1997

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.61 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Moon - Tiara - Magic!
  2   Home Sweet Home
  3   Schoolmates
  4   Amazing Pen
  5   Sailor Venus
  6   Sailor Says: It's hard not getting something
  7   Amy Calling
  8   Sailor Says: Everybody loses their temper
  9   Cooking Lesson
 10   Slime Queen
 11   Matchmaker
 12   Hercules
 13   Tuxedo Melvin
 14   Charm Scroll
 15   Beautiful Dreamer
 16   Possessed
 17   Bouncing Sailor
 18   Sammy
 19   Magical Locket
 20   Sweet Serena
 21   Andrew
 22   Sailor Says: If people start thinking you are a flake
 23   Evil Queen
 24   Sailor Quiz: Sailor Moon is the Princess
 25   Stargazer
 26   Vengeful Warrior
 27   Mars Transforming
 28   Sailor Says: There's a lot to be said for persistence.
 29   Baby Sailor
 30   Enemies Square Off
 31   Sailor Quiz: Who is Luna in contact with
 32   Dream Kiss
 33   Windsurfing
 34   Sailor Says: There's a lot more to good manners
 35   Sailor Says: It's important not to judge people
 36   Luna's Distress
 37   Captured Crystal
 38   Sailor Quiz: What is the name of the boy Amy likes?
 39   Sailor Says: It's hard to be brave sometimes
 40   Pretty Princess
 41   Crash!
 42   Queen Beryl
 43   Sailor Quiz: What does Sammy's friend Mika
 44   Ski Break
 45   Black Rose
 46   Serena Can't Skate
 47   Sailor Says: We all need to know what to do
 48   Sailor Says: We all want to please people
 49   Sailor Says: Life is full of blows
 50   Sailor Quiz: Who was the fifth Sailor Scout
 51   Sailor Says: Lots of kids are impatient
 52   Serious Business
 53   Scouts Battle
 54   Squabbling Scouts
 55   Queen Serenity
 56   Princess Attacked!
 57   Cosmic Journey
 58   The Doom And Gloom Girls
 59   Venus Captured
 60   Lita's Passion
 61   Distant Memories
 62   Mercury Revealed
 63   Princess Serena
 64   Nightmare
 65   Sailor Says: Video games are major cool
 66   Chad
 67   Rini
 68   Children of Doom
 69   Malachite
 70   Haunting Painting
 71   Wedding Dreams
 72   Checklist


Lenticular Cards


Jumbo Prismatic Set (mail-in offer)

 S1   Feline Monster
 S2   Clam Monster
 S3   Tenzy
 S4   Patathos
 S5   The Black Widow
 S6   Shadow Warrior

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (Binder)


 P1   (blue sea, Image from Card 1)
 P2   (green sparkles, Image from Card 49)
 --   (2-up panel)
 --   (Dealer sell sheet, with Gilligan's Island, Mr Bean, Munsters II)

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