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The Very Best of The Saint
   Cards Inc. - 2003

Notes:  Thanks much to Douglas Smith, Dave Foster, and John Biagioni for updates!  Further 
information and scans are found at the Cards Inc. web archive.

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets (100): approx. 2.08 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Title                                             Episode

    1    The Very Best of The Saint

The Saint in Action

    2    The Famous Simon Templar
    3    A Tough Opponent
    4    Templar the Traveller
    5    An Unlikely Detective
    6    Sense of Adventure
    7    A Charming Host
    8    Not to be Under-Estimated
    9    On the Trail of The Saint

Episode Guides

   10    The Man in the Mirror                             The Talented Husband
   11    Latin Aid                                         The Latin Touch
   12    Jewel Thief                                       The Pearls of Peace
   13    In Their Sights                                   The Arrow of God
   14    Silent But Deadly                                 The Effete Angler
   15    Happy-Go-Lucky                                    The Man Who Was Lucky
   16    Action is his Role                                Starring The Saint
   17    A Star Target                                     Marcia
   18    Guarding The Prince                               The Wonderful War
   19    Growing Deceit                                    The Unkind Philanthropist
   20    Deep in the Bush                                  The Sign Of The Claw
   21    Black Magic                                       Sibao
   22    Cheating Death                                    The Man Who Could Not Die
   23    The Roadblock                                     The Queen's Ransom
   24    A Believable Disguise                             The Reluctant Revolution
   25    The Gladiators                                    The Man Who Liked Lions
   26    The Exchange                                      Little Girl Lost
   27    Who's Hunting Who?                                The Death Game
   28    Double Crossed                                    The Art Collectors
   29    The Hitman                                        To Kill a Saint
   30    Not The Time For Acting                           Simon and Delilah
   31    Sure Shot                                         The Power Artist
   32    Straight to the Point                             The Gadic Collection
   33    A Warning?                                        Invitation to Danger
   34    Explosive Situation                               The Double Take
   35    Lost Goods                                        The People Importers
   36    Underwater Deals                                  The Ex-King of Diamonds

Damsels in Distress

   37    Penny Brown (Stephanie Beacham)                   Legacy for The Saint
   38    Anne Clanraith (Suzan Farmer)                     The Convenient Monster
   39    Claire Avery (Samantha Eggar)                     Marcia
   40    Sue Inverest (Suzan Farmer)                       The Latin Touch
   41    Cathy (Quinn O'Hara)                              Interlude in Venice
   42    Natalie Sheridan (Alexandra Stewart)              The Better Mousetrap
   43    Arlene Fleming (Sylvia Syms)                      The Best Laid Schemes
   44    Penny Pearson (Wanda Ventham)                     Escape Route
   45    Agnes Yarrow (Margaret Vines)                     The Element of Doubt

The Ungodly

   46    Countess Kristina Rovagna (Patricia Donahue)      The Charitable Countess
   47    Bertrand Tamblin (Mark Eden)                      The Invisible Millionaire
   48    John Clarron (Derek Farr)                         The Talented Husband
   49    Charles Bonner (Neil Hallett)                     The People Importers
   50    Walter Faber (Robert Hardy)                       The Desperate Diplomat
   51    Alessandro Destamio (Ian Hendry)                  Vendetta for The Saint
   52    Adolph Vogler (George Murcell)                    The Death Game; The Power Artists
   53    Nadine, Countess de Bousser (Kate O'Mara)         The Counterfeit Countess
   54    Warlock (Kenneth J. Warren)                       The Fiction Makers

Special Guests

   55    Honor Blackman                                    The Arrow of God
   56    Shirley Eaton                                     The Effete Angler, et al.
   57    Phillip Madoc                                     The Counterfeit Countess
   58    Kate O'Mara                                       The Counterfeit Countess, et al.
   59    Jean Marsh                                        The Crime of the Century, et al.
   60    Warren Mitchell                                   The Latin Touch; The Charitable Countess
   61    Barry Morse                                       The Reluctant Revolution
   62    Andrew Sachs                                      The Loaded Tourist
   63    Peter Wyngarde                                    The Gadic Collection; The Man Who Liked Lions

Behind the Scenes

   64    A Joker on Set
   65    Relaxing on Set
   66    'Steele'ing the Show
   67    The Write Stuff
   68    Suffering for his Art
   69    Moore than just an Actor
   70    In Conference with the Producers
   71    On Screen Chemistry
   72    Promoting The Saint

Saintly Quotes

   73    "I want you to meet the most fantastic man, th    The Talented Husband
   74    "I've known some stupid jerks in my time but y    The Golden Journey
   75    "Screen-fights are all the same and not diffic    The Saint and the Fiction Makers
   76    "The name is Templar, Simon Templar."             Vendetta for The Saint
   77    "If anybody can help me it's Simon Templar."      The Golden Journey
   78    "You have been gassed, taken an arrow through     The Death Game
   79    "Well as I live and breathe, the pride of Scot    The Death Game
   80    "We find you arrogant, smug, self-important an    The Queen's Ransom
   81    "Know him Signora? Every policeman in the worl    The Loaded Tourist

Saintly Trivia

   82    Q: Why didn't Roger Moore get to go to New Yor
   83    Q: What other hit scripts did Norman Hudis wri
   84    Q: Who is Michael Pertwee's famous brother?
   85    Q: Which Saint star starred in Monty Berman an
   86    Q: Which Saint Character does NOT apear in the
   87    Q: Which Saint writer was the second unit dire
   88    Q: Name three stars who have had the privilege
   89    Q: Who wrote a significant number of radio adv
   90    Q: Which Saint TV episode was originaly going

The Saint's Car

   91    (puzzle top left)
   92    (puzzle top center)
   93    (puzzle top right)
   94    (puzzle middle left)
   95    (puzzle middle center)
   96    (puzzle middle right)
   97    (puzzle bottom left)
   98    (puzzle bottom center)
   99    (puzzle bottom right)

  100    [Checklist]


The Infamous Simon Templar Foil Puzzle Cards (1:8 packs)

1 of 9   (puzzle top left)
2 of 9   (puzzle top center)
3 of 9   (puzzle top right)
4 of 9   (puzzle middle left)
5 of 9   (puzzle middle center)
6 of 9   (puzzle middle right)
7 of 9   (puzzle bottom left)
8 of 9   (puzzle bottom center)
9 of 9   (puzzle bottom right)

Saintly Merchandise Foil-Stamped Cards (1:12 packs)

 SM1     Novel: Novels
 SM2     Bubblegum Photo Cards: Confectionery
 SM3     Shooting Game: Games
 SM4     Luger Pistol: Toys
 SM5     Comic Book: Comic Books
 SM6     Membership Card: Fan Clubs

Autograph Cards (1:36 packs)

         Unsigned autograph cards and black-and-white proof versions have been observed.

 SA1     Roger Moore as Simon Templar [The Saint]
 SA2     Patrick Allen as Miles Hallin                     The Man Who Could Not Die
 SA3     Annette Andre as Annette                          To Kill a Saint
 SA4     Jane Asher as Ellen Chase                         The Invisible Millionaire
 SA5     Anthony Bate as Dr Sardon                         The House On Dragon's Rock
 SA6     Stephanie Beacham as Penny                        Legacy for The Saint
 SA7     Martin Benson as Inspector Yolu                   The Gadic Collection
 SA8     Isla Blair as Janine Flameau                      The Ex-King of Diamonds
           (SA9 not issued) Peter Bowles as Serge
 SA10    Johnny Briggs as Johnny Desmond                   Marcia
           (SA11 not issued) Alfred Burke as Harry Shannet
 SA12    John Carson as Astron                             The Arrow Of God
 SA13    Peter Copley as Don Morland                       The Sign Of The Claw
 SA14    Julian Glover as Ramon Falconi                    Invitation To Danger
 SA15    David Graham as Juan Gamma                        The Unkind Philanthropist
           (SA16 not issued) Sarah Lawson as Betty Tregarth
 SA17    Frank Maher as Kraft                              Paper Chase
 SA18    Francis Matthews as André                         To Kill a Saint
 SA19    John Savident as Frank Lomax                      Where The Money Is
           (SA20 not issued with packs; see below)

Costume Cards (1:360 packs)

 SC1     Simon Templar's Suit Jacket
 SC2     Simon Templar's Suit Trousers
 SC3     Simon Templar
 SCC1    Simon Templar's Suit Waist Jacket (case-topper exclusive)
 SDC-1   Simon Templar's Jacket as worn by Roger Moore (San Diego Comic Con 2002 exclusive; 300)

Case Toppers

  --     Graham Bleathman (Sketchings card)
 SCC1    Simon Templar's Suit Waist Jacket (case exclusive costume card; also listed above

Card Album

   --    The Very Best of the Saint (binder)

Additional Autograph (sold separately; 200 signed)

 SA20    Edward Woodward as Jack Liskard


   P1    Coming Soon ... (blue)
   P2    Coming Soon ... (pink)

PREVIEW SET (numbered to 300)


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