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Samurai Jack
Artbox - 2002

Notes: "Titles" shown below are found only on the checklist card.  Many thanks 
to Mike Fitzpatrick for the original list and to Dan Abend for the update!

Box: 24 packs of 6 canvas cards. 10 boxes/case.
Common sets: approx. 1.92 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text                                         Title

Introduction (Puzzle Back)

 01   Samurai Jack                                      Aku's destruction
 02   (no text)                                         Jack on horseback
 03   I, Aku, the shape-shifting Master of Darkness,    The magic sword
 04   Before the final blow was struck I tore open a    Jack stands before Aku
 05   But a foolish samurai warrior, wielding a magi    The warrior strikes
 06   (no text)                                         Jack attacks Aku
 07   Now the fool seeks to return to the past, and     A mighty  blow
 08   (no text)                                         Jack stabs at Aku
 09   (no text)                                         Time portal

Episode IV

 10   Jack gets caught in the middle of a fierce cha    Ride 'em Samurai
 11   The Crichellites invite Jack back to their vil    The trip back
 12   Jack decides top visit the captive Woolie, off    Help me
 13   Later that night Jack has a dream where the Wo    The dream
 14   After waking from the dream Jack visits the ca    Sneaking around
 15   Inside the compound is a large herd of forlorn    We were happy people
 16   The story takes a dark turn, however, when the    Pestilence from the sky
 17   Jack and his Woolie friend must sneak past the    Destroy the orb
Episode V

 18   Jack is being chase by an unknown assailant wh    Your punishment
 19   In an act of self preservation Jack destroys t    Against their will
 20   Jack agrees to help the people with their esca    Flying Samurai
 21   At a bon voyage party the revelers dream of re    Bon Voyage
 22   Before taking on Aku's minions Jack is reminde    Thumbs up
 23   The scientists notice that the rocket's fuel l    Jack in space
 24   The greatest threat to the escapees appears as    A swarm of hornets
 25   Jack uses the magic of his sword to thwart the    The magic of the sword
Episode VI

 26   Jack's quest to return to the past has led him    Incognito in the bazaar
 27   Jack enters a doorway that leads to a mystical    The ancient Woolie scroll
 28   Before the vision is copmplete Jack is attacke    A mystery woman
 29   As more, and more robots keep coming Jack and     A daring escape
 30   Jack is at first suspicious of his new ally, a    Into the desert
 31   During a campfire meal the mystery woman intro    My name is Ikra
 32   Jack tells Ikra that the ancient desert dwelle    I know the way
 33   The intrepid duo crosses the desert and must e    Trials and tribulations
 34   The two travel many days, and many nights, fol    A bedouin's camp
 35   After crossing many miles of desert they come     An oasis
 36   The Samurai warrior speaks to the jewel and sa    Fulfill our destiny
 37   At Jack's request the jewel comes to life, and    We have been deceived
 38   The genie blasts Jack as Ikra jumps to safety.    The power of flight
 39   Ikra defeats the genie and holds the jewel up     The Samurai is betrayed

Episode VII

 40   A serene forest setting is disturbed by a huge    A barrage of arrows
 41   Later that night the lone survivor reveals the    A mystical well awaits
 42   Once on the island jack walks through a snow-c    Go back
 43   Jack cautiously makes his way into the clearin    Pinned
 44   Jack retreats to the safety of the trees where    The safety of the trees
 45   Jack meditates beneath a waterfall to gain per    In tune with his senses
 46   Jack blindfolds himself and gets in tune with     Heightened awareness
 47   Jack is able to scale the tower, and draws the    Caught in the crossfire
 48   Before Jack makes his wish the three men warn     Destroy the well

Episode VIII

 49   Aku places a bounty of two googleplex on Jack'    Bounty hunters
 50   While Jack is in the process of defeating ever    Aku is watching
 51   Suddenly Aku has an epiphany, when he realizes    Aku has an epiphany
 52   After the battle Jack loses his composure, and    Jack loses his composure
 53   The conversation between the two Jacks turns s    Mirror image
 54   The new Jack reveals his origin as the son of     The son of Aku's magic
 55   The battle between the two Jacks is a fierce o    Blow for blow
 56   The power of the two Samurai is incredible. Th    Explosive proportions
 57   The true Jack sees his reflection in his sword    The hatred burns
 58   When the forest fire disappears the evil Jack     You have lost
 59   Jack remains at peace as the evil Jack rushes     The evil one is vanquished

Episode IX

 60   In an ocean port, in a salty saloon, a salty s    A fish tale
 61   The Fisherman goes on to say that it will take    It will take a brave man
 62   Jack ventures out to sea when he gets caught i    The hidden city
 63   Jack receives a friendly greeting from the Tri    Friendly hosts
 64   As Jack and his hosts enter a dining hall a sm    Sushi
 65   The Triceraquins take Jack to the time machine    Trapped
 66   Jack warns the Triceraquins that Aku cannot be    A change of mind
 67   The first attack by the Triceraquins is futile    Beyond destruction
 68   The evil octi makes the Triceraquins pay for t    Rescue the Samurai
 69   The Triceraquins welcome Jack aboard as they t    We must turn back
 70   As the group heads back toward Aku, Jack shout    Like a torpedo
 71   The Triceraquins, and their city, return to th    The continued quest

 72   Checklist                                         Checklist


Die Cut Cards

dc1   Samurai Jack: They call me Jack
dc2   Aku: Sometimes the presence of Evil is right behind you.
dc3   Samurai Jack: My quest continues...
dc4   Aku: The future is Aku.
dc5   Samurai Jack: I hold the key to Aku's destruction.
dc6   Aku: This is not over Samurai. We shall meet again.

Japanese Chrome Cards

jp1   Samurai Jack: There is no future for you Aku!
jp2   Aku: It is pointless to struggle. Accept your fate.
jp3   Samurai Jack: What trickery is this?
jp4   Aku: The Shape-Shifting Master of Darkness.
jp5   Samurai Jack: With the power of this sword I will vanquish Aku.
jp6   Aku: Yes Samurai. You have been betrayed.

Autograph Card (Box and Case Toppers)

--    Genndy Tartakovsky

Card Album

--    (Binder)
#0    (Brush-Foil Card; album exclusive)


sj1   Samurai Jack (San Diego Comic Con)
sj2   Aku (San Diego Comic Con)
--    Available Spring, 2002 (Dealer sell sheet)

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