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The World Famous San Diego Zoo: Animals of the Wild
Cardz - 1993

Notes:  Thanks much to David Armstrong for the promo updates and to Jan
Burns Cederquist for the wrapper offers!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.59 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Type                                         Continent/Type

  1   Golden monkey                                Eurasia
  2   Proboscis monkey                             Eurasia
  3   Lion-tailed macaque                          Eurasia
  4   Francois' langur                             Eurasia
  5   Slow loris                                   Eurasia
  6   Asian lion                                   Eurasia
  7   Snow leopard                                 Eurasia
  8   Indian rhinoceros                            Eurasia
  9   Przewalki's wild horse                       Eurasia
 10   Lesser panda                                 Eurasia
 11   Bactrian camel                               Eurasia
 12   Sloth bear                                   Eurasia
 13   Kamchatkan snow sheep                        Eurasia
 14   Sichuan takin                                Eurasia
 15   Chinese monal                                Eurasia
 16   Micronesian kingfisher                       Eurasia
 17   Griffon vulture                              Eurasia
 18   Indian python                                Eurasia
 19   King cobra                                   Eurasia
 20   False gavial                                 Eurasia
 21   Lowland gorilla                              Africa
 22   Pygmy chimpanzee                             Africa
 23   Drill                                        Africa
 24   Cheetah                                      Africa
 25   Serval                                       Africa
 26   Spotted hyena                                Africa
 27   Damara zebra                                 Africa
 28   Giraffe                                      Africa
 29   Pygmy hippopotamus                           Africa
 30   Gemsbok                                      Africa
 31   Dik-dik                                      Africa
 32   Red river hog                                Africa
 33   East African crowned crane                   Africa
 34   Porcupine                                    Africa
 35   Dwarf mongoose                               Africa
 36   Ostrich                                      Africa
 37   Secretary bird                               Africa
 38   Marabou stork                                Africa
 39   Green mamba                                  Africa
 40   Rhinoceros viper                             Africa
 41   Polar bear                                   Americas
 42   Bison                                        Americas
 43   Jaguar                                       Americas
 44   Two-toed sloth                               Americas
 45   Golden lion tamarin                          Americas
 46   Timber wolf                                  Americas
 47   Giant anteater                               Americas
 48   Chacoan peccary                              Americas
 49   Harpy eagle                                  Americas
 50   Toucan                                       Americas
 51   Screamer                                     Americas
 52   Anaconda                                     Americas
 53   Red diamond rattlesnake                      Americas
 54   American alligator                           Americas
 55   Poison arrow frog                            Americas
 56   Gila monster                                 Americas
 57   Cotton-top tamarin                           Americas
 58   Red howler monkey                            Americas
 59   Kinkajou                                     Americas
 60   Red-tailed hawk                              Americas
 61   Orangutan                                    Islands
 62   Ring-tailed lemur                            Islands
 63   Sumatran rhinoceros                          Islands
 64   Tahitian blue lory                           Islands
 65   Babirusa                                     Islands
 66   Binturong                                    Islands
 67   Javan rhinoceros hornbill                    Islands
 68   Cassowary                                    Islands
 69   Kiwi                                         Islands
 70   New Guinea tree monitor                      Islands
 71   Fiji Island banded iguana                    Islands
 72   Galapagos tortoise                           Islands
 73   Tuatara                                      Islands
 74   Madagascar red frog                          Islands
 75   Parson's chameleon                           Islands
 76   Koala                                        Australia
 77   Wallaroo                                     Australia
 78   Spotted cuscus                               Australia
 79   Echidna                                      Australia
 80   Leadbeater's cockatoo                        Australia
 81   Flying fox                                   Australia
 82   Tasmanian devil                              Australia
 83   Bearded dragon                               Australia
 84   Blue-tongued skink                           Australia
 85   Death adder                                  Australia
 86   Polar bear                                   Baby Animals
 87   Lowland gorilla                              Baby Animals
 88   Cheetah                                      Baby Animals
 89   White rhinoceros                             Baby Animals
 90   Slow loris                                   Baby Animals
 91   Malayan tapir                                Baby Animals
 92   Aardvark                                     Baby Animals
 93   California condor                            Baby Animals
 94   Spider monkey                                Baby Animals
 95   Green tree python                            Baby Animals
 96   The Zoological Society of San Diego          Behind the Scenes
 97   The San Diego Wild Animal Park               Behind the Scenes
 98   The Center for Reproduction of Endangered    Behind the Scenes
         Species (CRES)
 99   Zoo Veterinarians                            Behind the Scenes
100   Horticulture Fact Card                       Behind the Scenes
101   Giant panda                                  Stand-Up Card
102   Red kangaroo                                 Stand-Up Card
103   African elephant                             Stand-Up Card
104   Black rhinoceros                             Stand-Up Card
105   Eurasian brown bear                          Stand-Up Card
106   River hippopotamus                           Stand-Up Card
107   California condor                            Stand-Up Card
108   Meerkats                                     Stand-Up Card
109   Southern sea lion                            Stand-Up Card
110   Emu                                          Stand-Up Card



H-1   Komodo dragon
H-2   Bald eagle
H-3   Cheetah   

TekChrome Card

T1    Sumatran Tiger

Checklist (wrapper mail-in offer)

 --   (checklist card)

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (Binder)


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