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Saturday Night Fever
Donruss - 1978

Notes:  All card backs are puzzle pieces and there are no titles. Donruss is not 
identified on the cards themselves, which show just the ©1977 Paramount Pictures 
tag; this year is often assigned to the set. There are two cards #62 but no card 
#63. In the scene descriptions below, I tried to separate ones that actually seem 
to reflect the actions of the film character Tony from those that seem to be just 
an excuse to include yet another still shot of John Travolta.

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards + 1 piece of gum.
Common sets: approx. 3.27 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Scene

  1   (Travolta right profile)
  2   (Tony meets Stephanie)
  3   (Travolta at door)
  4   (Tony facing forward, white light top right)
  5   (Tony fingers albums)
  6   (Rocky I poster)
  7   (Travolta in subway)
  8   (Travolta in bed)
  9   (Travolta with butterfly bandage)
 10   (Stephanie facing forward)
 11   (Dance practice)
 12   (Travolta looking down)
 13   (Dancing on red/white lighted floor)
 14   (Stephanie at balance bar)
 15   (Acknowledging applause)
 16   (Travolta in white tank top)
 17   (Tony at Phillips Dance Studio)
 18   (Red Tony and blue Stephanie)
 19   (Tony styling hair)
 20   (Tony strutting on dance floor)
 21   (Stephanie at entrance)
 22   (At Roberts Bake Shop)
 23   (Dancing slow in white)
 24   (Tony dances toward camera)
 25   (Tony combs hair)
 26   (Line dance from below)
 27   (Family dinner)
 28   (Travolta profile in front of paint shelves)
 29   (Tony against subway car with bandage)
 30   (Friends in car)
 31   (Tony and Stephanie react)
 32   (Buddy and Tony)
 33   (Travolta at leisure at event)
 34   (Tony and Stephanie talk in stairwell)
 35   (Stars talking at 'Delight')
 36   (Travolta emoting in jacket)
 37   (Red Tony smokes at mirror)
 38   (Buds walk clean sidewalk)
 39   (Group dancing)
 40   (Tony dips Stephanie, with bandage)
 41   (Tony walks dirty sidewalk)
 42   (Travolta as car passenger)
 43   (Informal dancing, in purple)
 44   (Studio practice)
 45   (Stage dancing through smoke)
 46   (Leaning on station wagon)
 47   (Stephanie and Tony talk outdoors)
 48   (Duo dancing with waist grab)
 49   (Tony grabs paint can)
 50   (Tony chatting at white Stephanie)
 51   (Hanging out a curb)
 52   (Travolta examines menu)
 53   (Tony mixes paint)
 54   (Tony wanders nighttime street)
 55   (Stephanie dances)
 56   (Travolta in tender moment at home)
 57   (Travolta at sliding glass doors)
 58   (Tony and Stehanie talk on street)
 59   (Bandaged Tony in white, close with Stephanie)
 60   (Tony leads Stephanie onto dance floor)
 61   (Travolta in spotlight with mirror globes)
 62   (Tony struts on dance floor)
 62   (Tony and Stephanie rais arms in white)
 64   (Tony and Stephanie from below)
 65   (Travolta left profile)
 66   (Tony in discussion in front of bulbs)

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©2007 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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