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Saturday Serials - Series 1
Epic / DC Comics - 1988

Notes: Generally sold as a sealed factory set, the cards first saw a limited  
release in wrappers with four cards and a Lone Ranger sticker. Thanks much 
to Dennis Skowronski for the original list and to Bill Burke for the update!

No.   Title                          Subset

  1   Batman                         Titles
  2   Batman                         Chapters
  3   Batman                         Story
  4   Atom Man vs. Superman          Titles
  5   Atom Man vs. Superman          Chapters
  6   Atom Man vs. Superman          Story
  7   Radar Men from the Moon        Titles
  8   Radar Men from the Moon        Chapters
  9   Radar Men from the Moon        Story
 10   Flash Gordon                   Titles
 11   Flash Gordon                   Chapters
 12   Flash Gordon                   Story
 13   Zorro Rides Again              Titles
 14   Zorro Rides Again              Chapters
 15   Zorro Rides Again              Story
 16   The Spider Returns             Titles
 17   The Spider Returns             Chapters
 18   The Spider Returns             Story
 19   Captain America                Titles
 20   Captain America                Chapters
 21   Captain America                Story
 22   Mandrake the Magician          Titles
 23   Mandrake the Magician          Chapters
 24   Mandrake the Magician          Story
 25   Adventures of Captain Marvel   Titles
 26   Adventures of Captain Marvel   Chapters
 27   Adventures of Captain Marvel   Story
 28   The Lone Ranger Rides Again    Titles
 29   The Lone Ranger Rides Again    Chapters
 30   The Lone Ranger Rides Again    Story
 31   Green Hornet                   Titles
 32   Green Hornet                   Chapters
 33   Green Hornet                   Story
 34   The Phantom                    Titles
 35   The Phantom                    Chapters
 36   The Phantom                    Story
 37   Blackhawk                      Titles
 38   Blackhawk                      Chapters
 39   Blackhawk                      Story
 40   Checklist

 --   (Lone Ranger on Trigger; limited pack distribution only)

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