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Saturday Serials - Series 2
Epic - 1991

Notes:  Generally sold as a sealed factory set, but also saw a limited release 
in packs. Thanks much to Genny Carr for the original checklist and to Bill 
Burke for the update!

No.   Title                            Card Type

 41   The Lone Ranger                  Poster
 42   The Lone Ranger                  Chapter Titles
 43   The Lone Ranger                  Puzzle Piece
 44   Drums of Fu Manchu               Poster
 45   Drums of Fu Manchu               Chapter Titles
 46   Drums of Fu Manchu               Puzzle Piece
 47   Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars      Poster
 48   Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars      Chapter Titles
 49   Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars      Puzzle Piece
 50   Captain Video                    Poster
 51   Captain Video                    Chapter Titles
 52   Captain Video                    Puzzle Piece
 53   Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc.        Poster
 54   Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc.        Chapter Titles
 55   Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc.        Puzzle Piece
 56   Zombies of the Stratosphere      Poster
 57   Zombies of the Stratosphere      Chapter Titles
 58   Zombies of the Stratosphere      Puzzle Piece
 59   Superman                         Poster
 60   Superman                         Chapter Titles
 61   Superman                         Puzzle Piece
 62   Captain Midnight                 Poster
 63   Captain Midnight                 Chapter Titles
 64   Captain Midnight                 Puzzle Piece
 65   Batman and Robin                 Poster
 66   Batman and Robin                 Chapter Titles
 67   Batman and Robin                 Puzzle Piece
 68   The Shadow                       Poster
 69   The Shadow                       Chapter Titles
 70   The Shadow                       Puzzle Piece
 71   The Green Hornet Strikes Again   Poster
 72   The Green Hornet Strikes Again   Chapter Titles
 73   The Green Hornet Strikes Again   Puzzle Piece
 74   Spy Smasher                      Poster
 75   Spy Smasher                      Chapter Titles
 76   Spy Smasher                      Puzzle Piece
 77   Buck Rogers                      Poster
 78   Buck Rogers                      Chapter Titles
 79   Buck Rogers                      The Green Hornet (Completed Puzzle)
 80   Saturday Serials #2              Checklist

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