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Saucer People
Kitchen Sink - 1992

Note:  Oversized (2-3/4" x 3-3/4") cards distributed as a factory boxed set.  "The Saucer
People Trading Card Set is a historic sampling of the phenomenon of Unidentified Flying

No.   Title

  1   Kenneth Arnold
  2   Dogfight over Fargo
  3   Thomas Mantell
  4   Saucers Buzz Missile Range
  5   George Adamski
  6   Litterbugs from Space
  7   [Buck Nelson]
  8   Mexican Saucer Crash
  9   Ralph Mayher
 10   Capital Invaded!
 11   Cosmic Debris
 12   [Ray Palmer]
 13   Lone Star Encounter
 14   Moonshine Invaders
 15   Jungle Heat
 16   Deadly Collison
 17   Moment of Silence
 18   Operation Lure
 19   Heavenly Visitation
 20   Dr. Donald Menzel
 21   Saucer Attack!
 22   Jim Lorenzen
 23   Men in Black
 24   UFO Zaps Commie Jet
 25   Dr. Edward Condon
 26   Atomic Spies
 27   Prairie Sushi
 28   Nightmare Exam
 29   Dr. J. Allen Hynek
 30   Iranian Confrontation
 31   Philip Klass
 32   Mechanics from Planet X
 33   Phantom from Space
 34   Not of This Earth
 35   Abducted!
 36   Who Goes There?


 --   (Unnumbered)

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