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Save the Animals - Set 2
Birds (Yellow Border)
   Burger King Kids Club - 1993

Notes:  One card was distributed with each Kids' Meal, with the storage 
folder available separately. Thanks much to John Oder for the checklist!

No.   Title

 16   Black Plam Cockatoo
 17   California Condor
 18   Micronesian Kingfisher
 19   St. Vincent Parrot
 20   Southern Bald Eagle
 21   Peregrine Falcon
 22   Hyacinth Macaw
 23   Guam Rail
 24   Hooded Crane
 25   Humboldt Penguin
 26   Wattled Crane
 27   Kakapoo
 28   Puerto Rican Parrot
 29   White-Naped Crane
 30   Thick-Billed Parrot
 --   J.D.
 --   Wheels

 --   (collection folder; 8-1/2" x 11-1/2")

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