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Savings & Loan Scandal
Eclipse Books - 1991

Note:  Cards are slightly oversized (2-3/4" x 3-3/4"), distributed as a boxed factory set.
Relates the story of the late 1980s-early 1990s controversy. Text is by Dennis Bernstein
& Laura Sydell, artwork is by Steward Stanyard.

No.   Front Caption               Back Title

  1   The Banking Bandits         Ronald Reagan - License to Steal
  2   Credit Unlimited            The Garn-St. Germain Act - Prescription for Financial Chaos
  3   A New Deal                  Pat Nolan - California Assemblyman
  4   The Junk Bond King          Michael Milken - Drexel Burnham Lambert
  5   Tapdancer from Hell         Mario Renda - First United Fund
  6   A Man of Influence          Herman K. Beebe - and Edwin Edwards
  7   Southern Hospitality        John Connally & Ben Barnes - Barnes, Connally Investments
  8   A Present for the Pope      Don Dixon - Vernon Savings
  9   Party Animal                Edwin McBirney III - Sunbelt Savings
 10   Dustbowl Financier          Charles Bazarian - CB Financial, Florida Center Bank
 11   California Scheming         Erwin Hansen - Centennial Savings
 12   Eternal Dental Care         Duayne Christensen - North American Savings and Loan
 13   The Grove of Academe        Barry Munitz - United Savings, Maxxam
 14   Pocket Money                Neil Bush - Silverado Banking Savings & Loan
 15   The Bushkins                Three on a Match - Ken Good-Bill Walters-Larry Mizel
 16   Read My Lips                George Bush - President of the United States
 17   It's a Wonderful Life       Charles Keating - Lincoln Savings
 18   A Modern Day Cassandra      Ed Gray - Federal Home Loan Bank Board
 19   Finger Puppets              The Keating Five - McCain-Glenn-Riegle-DeConcini-Cranston
 20   Lincoln Logroller           Lee Henkel Jr. - Federal Home Loan Bank Board
 21   Merrill Lynched             Donald Regan - Treasury Secretary; Chief of Staff
 22   Cleaning the World          Tony Coelho and Jim Wright - Members of Congress
 23   Two-Face                    Frank Annunzio - Member of Congress
 24   Watchdog                    M. Danny Wall - Federal Home Loan Bank Board
 25   No Money Down               James M. Fail - Bluebonnet Savings
 26   Bailout Broker              William Seidman - FDIC, Resolution Trust Corp
 27   Covert Banking              Enter the CIA - Palmer Natl., 1st Natl. of Maryland
 28   High Stakes Game            Robert Corson - Vision Banc Savings
 29   Company Card                Farhad Azima - Indian Springs State Bank
 30   The Middleman               Adnan Khashoggi - Mainland Savings, BCCI
 31   Cover-Up                    Daniel Childs - House Select Committee
 32   The Money Machine           BCCI - Bank of Crooks & Criminals Intl.
 33   Junk Food                   BCCI Infiltrates the S&Ls - Pharaon-Paul-Clifford
 34   Business Partners           BCCI and the CIA - Another Cover-up?
 35   The Fed                     Alan Greenspan - Federal Reserve Board
 36   New World Banking Order     The Future of Banking - A Warning

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