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School Daze Stickers
   Fleer - 1968

Notes: This set is considered a continuation, in the same style, as the Back-Slappers 
sticker set previously issued by Fleer. Many thanks to Darrell Warner for the list 

No.   Caption

  1   Help me think of something that's fun for free
  2   My grades are improving...
  3   Speling is my best subject
  4   This sticker covers a hole in my clothes
  5   I'm Deaf Please Shout!
  6   Sure I'm a loafer - I have a reputation to uphold
  7   Notice my beautiful figure
  8   Quarantine
  9   Official School Blackboard - Mark Chalk Here
 10   I'm the class lover
 11   Hold me, hug me, kiss me - I'm irresistible!
 12   Panic Button - Push Hard!
 13   Shoot Here!
 14   Help! - My zipper broke!
 15   I bathe daily... and I still stink!
 16   If you think I'm stuck up - Hold your nose!
 17   Call me Stinky!
 18   I'm a V.I.P. - Very Insignificant Pipsqueak
 19   Mail Me - To my mother
 20   I'm a Go-Go - But I'm a Comin' Back!
 21   My favorite exercise ... Jumping to conclusions
 22   I'm a catastrophe about to happen
 23   I'll teach you all I know - if you can spare 2 minutes!
 24   Our principal has an open mind
 25   I'm staying after school
 26   Quiet! Moron at Work!
 27   My favorite subjects
 28   I can't always be wrong - But I Keep Trying!
 29   I'm the class idiot
 30   Medicare patient #478341
 31   I hate girls
 32   No. 694832 Sing Sing
 33   Fragile - I'm Wearing Glasses
 34   Flunk now - Avoid the Rush!
 35   If can you read this... Your glasses are on backwards
 36   Don't just do something
 37   Pardon my Back - But my Front is Worse
 38   I dare you to mess my hair
 39   Do not disturb - I'm sleeping
 40   I hate boys (but love girls)
 41   I have all the answers ...if you ask the right question!
 42   I have personality...
 43   Teacher's pest
 44   No smoking
 45   Champion
 46   It's hard to be humble! ...when you're as great as I am
 47   I made only 1 mistake today...
 48   I got 100 today - 60 in Math 40 in Spelling
 49   Think
 50   Go Cart Champ
 51   Please put your Bubble Gum Wrapper in my desk
 52   I'm beautiful - Funny, no one knows it!
 53   Wake me!
 54   I Gave the Teacher a Worm for her Apple
 55   I'm wearing my Mother's girdle
 56   Turn me around
 57   Follow Me - I'm Lost
 58   Homework Is Fun! It's School Work I Hate
 59   I've the biggest - mouth nose feet
 60   I think big

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