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Scooby Doo: Happy Families
Carta Mundi - 2004

Note:  These cards are oversized, 4-3/4" x 3-1/4", and are used for rudimentary games.

No.   Scene

A1    Scooby circling finger
A2    Scooby walking
A3    Scooby sitting
A4    Scooby startled

B1    Velma startled
B2    Velma cheering
B3    Velma pointing
B4    Velma running

C1    The Mystery Machine parked
C2    The Mystery Machine at cliff edge
C3    The Mystery Machine (rear)
C4    The Mystery Machine on bridge

D1    Daphne thinking
D2    Daphne sneaking
D3    Daphne pointing
D4    Daphne striding

E1    Frankenstein
E2    Wolfman
E3    Mummy
E4    Robot

F1    Fred running
F2    Fred waving
F3    Fred pointing
F4    Fred unworried

G1    Hag
G2    Dracula
G3    Clown
G4    Wraith

H1    Shaggy skulking
H2    Shaggy self
H3    Shaggy upended
H4    Shaggy celebrating

--    Rules of the games (pamphlet)
--    (storage box)

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