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Scratch 'N Shock
Vice Versa - 1997

Notes:  This Norwegian production has properties of a collectible card game, tiddy-winks,
and 52-card pickup.  The object is to flip cards, and if a player has the card fall face
up he is a "Winner" while if the card falls face down, he is a "Looser."  At least I
think that's the object, since the instructions did not translate perfectly into English.
The checklist card is not 100% accurate versus the actual cards.  The checklist warns the
consumer to "Be beware to use fake Scratch'N Shock", but I have not heard of any great
problems with counterfeit cards on the world market.

Box: 48 packs of 4 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.91 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title               Type

  1   Birdie Nam Nam
  2   Lunch
  3   Plumber
  4   Fish 'n Chips
  5   Paper Work I
  6   Paper Work II
  7   Pepperoni
  8   Sushi I
  9   Sushi II
 10   Pork 'n Fries
 11   Cheers
 12   Coctail Party
 13   Holiday In
 14   Farmer
 15   Lizard
 16   Jumbo I
 17   Jumbo II            Gold Card
 18   Yak
 19   Wet Look II
 20   Wet Look I
 21   Bullsh!t
 22   Ka Boom
 23   Work Out
 24   Oops
 25   Oops II             Gold Card
 26   Oops III
 27   Garbage Hill
 28   Ding Dong
 29   Bogey
 30   Prosit
 31   Bedtime
 32   Wet Dreams
 33   Deep Sh!t
 34   Havanna
 35   Splash
 36   Out to Lunch
 37   Bad Breath II
 38   Bad Breath
 39   Gas Attack II
 40   Gas Attack
 41   Halloween III
 42   Halloween II
 43   Halloween I
 44   Ooh ... Sh!t
 45   Ooh ... Sh!t II
 46   Ooh ... Sh!t III    Gold Card
 47   Brain Wash
 48   Baby Boom
 49   Tear Drops
 50   Fast Food
 51   Hot Dog
 52   Nam Nam
 53   Old Spice           Gold Card
 54   Smoke It
 55   Home in One
 56   Kiss Me
 57   Censored
 58   Shock I
 59   Shock II
 60   Scrambled Eggs
 61   Tjernobyl
 62   Foot Loose
 63   Say Cheese
 64   Urgh ...
 65   Barbeque II         Gold Card
 66   Barbeque I

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