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Scream Queens II
Imagine, Inc. - 1991

Notes:  The premise for this series was to feature actresses in horror/fantasy
"B" movies, but in fact it's really a pinup set (no frontal nudity). It was
generally issued in two varieties of factory set: a regular set of 60 base cards,
and a Collectors Autographed Set with the addition of three autographed cards.

No.   Pinup

  1   Linne'a Quigley
  2   Michelle Bauer
  3   Monique Gabrielle
  4   Christine Lunde
  5   Wanda Aguna
  6   Bobbie Bresee
  7   Michelle Bauer
  8   Kimberly Roxanne Saint
  9   Arlene Julian
 10   Sandra Wild
 11   Amy Habermel
 12   Monique Gabrielle
 13   Linne'a Quigley
 14   Bobbie Bresee
 15   Tuscany
 16   Helene Koo
 17   Delia Sheppard
 18   Christina Michaels
 19   Linne'a Quigley
 20   Michelle Bauer
 21   Monique Gabrielle
 22   Michele Carlisle
 23   Amy Habermel
 24   Jane Francis
 25   Linne'a Quigley
 26   Dove Rose
 27   Michelle Bauer
 28   Monique Gabrielle
 29   Suzanne Ager
 30   Debra Lamb
 31   Karen J. Melton
 32   Renee Griffin
 33   Bobbie Bresee
 34   Michelle Bauer
 35   Amy Panter
 36   Christine Lunde
 37   Monique Gabrielle
 38   Kelly Galindo
 39   Suzanne Ager
 40   Mary Reid
 41   Linne'a Quigley
 42   Kathy Chaffin
 43   Amy Panter
 44   Delia Sheppard
 45   Wanda Aguna
 46   Michelle Bauer
 47   Bobbie Bresee
 48   Monique Gabrielle
 49   Christina Michaels
 50   Suzanne Ager
 51   Delia Sheppard
 52   Renee Griffin
 53   Debra Lamb
 54   Linne'a Quigley
 55   Kathy Chaffin
 56   Monique Gabrielle
 57   Bobbie Bresee
 58   Amy Panter
 59   Bobbie Bresee
 60   Michelle Bauer

Subsidiary Cards for Base Set (blank backs)

 --   (Production credits)
 --   Autographed Card Set Collector:
 --   Scream Queens Lip Print Mugs [mail-in offer]


Autographed Cards (included in Collectors Autographed Set)

      Linne'a Quigley
      Bobbie Bresee
      Michelle Bauer

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