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Scream Queens 3: The Sexy Sensations
Imagine, Inc. - 1993

Notes: The set was issued as a factory set, in three varieties: Regular, with 
60 cards; Autographed Edition, with 64 cards; and Deluxe NP Edition, with 
65 cards. Set was produced by Robert V. Michelucci, with primary photog-
raphy by Dan Golden and text  by Robert V. and Robert W. Michelucci. 
Thanks much to Darrell Warner for the original list and to Andy for the 

No.   Queen                  Card Back (initial text)

  1   Brinke Stevens         For information on join
  2   Linnea Quigley         For information on join
  3   Monique Gabrielle      Monique plays a nun in
  4   Deborah Dutch          Also know as Debra Dare
  5   Veronica Carothers     With her mother as co-par
  6   Melissa Moore          Some of Melissa's feature
  7   Brinke Stevens         Brinke was the first cove
  8   Pamela Runo            Ms. Runo has been in pop
  9   Deborah Dutch          Debra has recently turned
 10   Jasae                  Jasae has appeared in sev
 11   Bobbie Bresee          Some of Bobbie's favorite
 12   Ria Coyne              Ria, a stand up comic, wa
 13   Jeanie Brown           Jeanie is now Imagine's o
 14   Mary Lee Andres        This buxom young nurse ha
 15   Brinke Stevens         This top Scream Queen ha
 16   Linnea Quigley         This popular Scream Quee
 17   Sazzy Lee              Sazzy catches Eric Estra
 18   Deborah Dutch          In Addition to 976-EVIL
 19   Veronica Carothers     Veronica can be seen in
 20   Stacy Warfel           Stacy is one of the beau
 21   Jasae                  Sensuous Jasae has appear
 22   Devon Jenkin           Devon literally has her h
 23   Brinke Stevens         Brinke owns a masters de
 24   Linnea Quigley         An animal lover, Linnea
 25   Monique Gabrielle      For information on how to
 26   Sazzy Lee              Sexy Sazzy appeared on si
 27   Melissa Moore          Melissa has appeared in
 28   Marie Laurin           This former Miss Quebec's
 29   Wendy McDonald         Joe Bob Briggs, {The Mov
 30   Deborah Stevens        Deborah has had lead role
 31   Madison Stone          Ms. Stone wreaks havoc wh
 32   Jasae                  You can see more of Jasae
 33   Jeanie Brown           Jeanie has appeared in Da
 34   Pamela Runo            Pam has starred in motion
 35   Brinke Stevens         Roger Corman is credited
 36   Linnea Quigley         Linnea is (and always wil
 37   Monique Gabrielle      Monique's role in MUNCHIE
 38   Deborah Dutch          Debbie has made many cam
 39   Veronica Carothers     Sexy Veronica's lead role
 40   Melissa Moore          Television appearances in
 41   Deborah Dutch          Multi-talented, Debbie ha
 42   Brinke Stevens         Brinke attributes her wic
 43   Linnea Quigley         Linnea, at 5'2 3/4", meas
 44   Joanne Vancio          This model/dancer turned
 45   Veronica Carothers     Among her special skills
 46   Joanne Vancio          Joanne catches everyones
 47   Marie Laurin           Marie's TV appearances in
 48   Stacy Warfel           At 5'10", this 36-25-36,
 49   Mary Lee Andres        Mary Lee appears as a mo
 50   Jeanie Brown           Jeanie is involved in sa
 51   Deborah Stevens        This blonde haired, hazel
 52   Bobbie Bresee          Blue/Green eyes grace thi
 53   Doborah Dutch          This 5'2 98 lb., green ey
 54   Brinke Stevens         Some of Brinke's films in
 55   Linnea Quigley         This "sex"citing Scream
 56   Monique Gabrielle      Monque has appeared in
 57   Veronica Carothers     This beauty looks fresh
 58   Melissa Moore          To relax and stay in top
 59   Ria Coyne              This spunky actress is cu
 60   Devon Jenkin           Devon has appeared in Tom
 --   Acknowledgments        Scream Queens 3 Card

SPECIAL CARDS (autographed and deluxe editions)



  1   Brinke Stevens
  2   Jeanie Brown
  3   Veronica Carothers   

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