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Sea Raiders
   World Wide Gum (Goudey) - 1933

Notes: Reference numbers are R124 for cards 1-24 and V359 for all 48 cards. The 
first 24 have card backs showing printings in Boston or Montreal, with the Montreal 
cards in three versions, all-English text with "printed in USA" or "printed in Canada" 
or bilingual English/French. Cards 25-48 all bear Montreal copyrights but show the 
three versions. Plans can be changed; card backs say they are "one of a series of 192" 
while wrappers advertise a Series of 240. Thanks much to Ross Beevers for the 

No.   Title

  1   Capt. Teach (Blackbeard)
  2   Captain Kidd
  3   Pirate Galleon
  4   Avery Discussing Plot
  5   Fight for Supremacy
  6   The Lookout
  7   Pirate Gold
  8   Charles Gibbs
  9   Capt. Jean Lafitte
 10   Hostages
 11   Bartholemy Portuguez
 12   Pierre Francois
 13   Walking the Plank
 14   Boarding Party
 15   Scuttling the Ship
 16   False Signals
 17   Bringing Back the Loot
 18   Mutiny of the Crew
 19   Captain Misson
 20   Capt. Francis Lolonois
 21   Sir Francis Drake
 22   Extorting Tribute
 23   John Quelch
 24   Sir Henry Morgan

 25   John Halsey
 26   John Martel
 27   Raveneau De Lussan
 28   John Gow
 29   Richard Worley
 30   Diego Grillo
 31   Pierre Le Grand
 32   Thomas Tew
 33   John Evans
 34   John Bowen
 35   Edward Low
 36   Nathaniel North
 37   Joseph Bradish
 38   Lord George Clifford
 39   Thomas Howard
 40   Anne Bonny
 41   Mary Reed
 42   Alwilda
 43   Roc The Brazilian
 44   Major Bonnet
 45   Pirate's Legacy
 46   "Dead Men Tell No Tales"
 47   The Sport of Pirates
 48   A Difference in Weapons

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