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SeaWorld Adventure Parks Mini Card Collection
SeaWorld - 2000s

Notes: This set was distributed in a printed cardboard case. Card backs have 
the SeaWorld logo, card number, photo description and credit, and copyright. 
Thanks much to Mike Tilford for the list!

Searchwords: jahoc, yr2000s, mfrSeaWorld, catAnimals
No.   Card Text

  1   The Awesome sight of sharks surround you at the Terrors Of The Deep. [image: shark]
  2   The coolest place in town...SeaWorld's Penquin <sic> Encounter [image: 2 penguins]
  3   Shamu and trainer work together as a team
  4   Proud mother dolphin taking a swim with her baby at SeaWorld
  5   A friendly face from one of the seals at SeaWorld
  6   You'll fall in love with the gentle Manatees of SeaWorld
  7   Cute and friendly Beluga's can be found at SeaWorld
  8   Unexpected shower from Shamu
  9   The graceful power of Shamu the Killer Whale
 10   A tropical paradise with the Flamingos at SeaWorld
 11   The playful Sea Otters are always a joy to watch at SeaWorld
 12   Even the Polar Bears need to take a stretch at the Wild Artic <sic> at SeaWorld

©2009 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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