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The Art of Kevin Seconds
   mhoponhop - 2014

Notes: Kevin is also well-known as the frontman for the band 7Seconds. 
Further information and scans are posted at the mhoponhop website.

1000 # sets of 12 base, 1 auto or sketch, and 1 of 3 promos.

No.   Title                                Description

 --   The Art of Kevin Seconds             Header Card

  1   Ribaldi the Cat                      2008 Original Painting
  2   Our Friends That Are Fish            2009 Original Painting
  3   Untitled                             2011 Original Painting
  4   Bobby G Has Much on His Weary Mind   2008 Original Painting
  5   Untitled                             2011 Original Painting
  6   John Avery                           2008 Original Painting
  7   Eric Brum                            2013 Original Painting
  8   Untitled                             2010 Original Painting
  9   Lulu for Al                          2009 Original Painting
 10   Zook Dog                             2010 Original Painting
 11   Kitchener the Three                  2008 Original Painting
 12   Haig Ed                              2008 Original Painting


Robot Foil Card (1:3 sets)

 F1   Richard Meecham                      2009 Original Painting

Autograph Card (1:2 sets)

 --   Kevin Seconds

Sketch Card (1:2 sets)

 --   Kevin Seconds

Free Song Download Card (1:set)

 --   "Oh Let Me Try"
 --   ??

PROMO CARDS (1:set and separately)

P1    Coming Soon [header card front]
P2    Coming Soon [Ribaldi front]
NSU   [bear front; Non-Sport Update]
NSU   [foil; Non-Sport Update]

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