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The Second World War
   W.S. Corp - 1939

Note: Cards were usually issued in strips. American Card Catalog reference number 
is R126.

No.   Title

125   Germans Invade Poland
126   Warsaw Defenders Repel Nazi Invaders with Bayonets
127   Chamberlain Declares War
128   Daladier Declares War
129   Polish Civilians Flee Before Nazi Onslaught
130   French Mechanized Battalions
131   German Siege Gun Bombards Warsaw
132   Russians Invade Betrayed Poland
133   Warsaw Surrenders after Heroic Defense
134   Poles Weep as Germans Conquer
135   Guerrilla Fighting Breaks Out after Warsaw Falls
136   British Troops Leave for Battle Front
137   British Troops Land in France
138   Polish Civilians Hunted by Nazis
139   French Slash Salient in German Lines at Hornback
140   Submarine Sighted Off Cape May, New Jersey
141   Russia Demand That Esthonian Forts Be Razed
142   Nazi Submarine Sinks British Plane Carrier "Courageous"
143   Nazi U Boat Torpedos Defenseless Athenia
144   French Attack Siegfried Line
145   Nazis Repulsed by French
146   Germans Blow Up Their Bridges on Moselle River While Retreating
147   U.S. Fleet Prepares on West Coast
148   Allied Airplanes Bomb German Zeppelin Works
149   U Boat Bombed after Sinking Ship
150   British Planes Bombard Germany with Propaganda Leaflets
151   Torpedoed "Kafiristan" Survivors Being Rescued
152   Naval Battle on the North Sea
153   French Air Squadron Scores Direct Hit
154   Dog Fight in the Air over Saarbrucken
155   French Air Squadron Scores Direct Hit
156   Australia Ships Her Soldiers to the Front
157   Senegolese Warriors Rush to Defence of France
158   Tank Action on the Western Front
159   French Flyer Shoots Down Nazi Pilot over Saarlonis
160   Air Raid Alarm makes Londoners Rush to Bomb Shelters
161   British Warships Battle Nazi Planes
162   French Hold Warndt Forest against German Attack
163   Russian Ship Sunk by Submarine off Esthonia
164   Long Range Shelling Hits Empty Towns behind Lines
165   British Warships Blockade Germany
166   British Depth Bomb Sinks Nazi Submarine
167   French Machine Gun Nest at Apach
168   British Plane Raid on Kiel Canal
169   Dutch Ship "Binnendijk" Sunk Near English Port
170   French Defeat Germans in Battle of Tanks
171   U.S. Destroyers Rush to Aid of American Ship "Iroquois"
172   Hitler Makes Peace Proposal to Allies Which Is Turned Down

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