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Jack Kirby's Secret City Saga
Topps Comics - 1993

Notes:  The cards were distributed cello-packed in sets of three, except for
#10 and #11 (because there was no #11 issued), in Secret City comics issues
1, 2, 3, and 4. Instead of the #11, the cello pack included the #0 promo for
Jack Kirby's TeenAgents.  Thanks much to John Bogle for the checklist,to
Todd Jordan's Promo Card Encyclopedia & Price Guide for the artist list,
and to Michael Jones for the update!

No.   Title                           Artist(s)

  1   Captain Glory                   Ted Boonthanakit
  2   Night Glider                    Ted Boonthanakit
  3   Bombast                         Ted Boonthanakit

  4   Cal Cutta                       Jack Kirby, Dave Gibbons
  5   General Ordiz                   Jack Kirby, Bill Sienkiewicz
  6   Dreena                          Jack Kirby, John Byrne

  7   President Clinton               Angelo Torres
  8   Vice-President Gore             Angelo Torres
  9   Doctor Roag                     John Byrne

 10   Bombast                         Jim Valentino
 12   Jack Kirby's Secret City Saga   Steve Ditko
  0   Aurik  [TeenAgents]             Adam Hughes

Hologram Cards (Dealer incentive)

1H of 2   President Clinton
2H of 2   Vice-President Gore

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