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The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising
   Inkworks - 2007

Note:  Further information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 24 packs of 8 cards. 10 boxes/case.
Common sets: approx. 2.56 per box if collation were perfect.

    No.    Title                                               Character

      1    The Seeker - The Dark is Rising [title card]

        Agents of the Light

      2    Will Stanton
      3    Merriman Lyon and Miss Greythorne
      4    Dawson and Old George
      5    The Walker

        The Stanton Clan

      6    Gwen, Robin and Paul Stanton
      7    James Stanton
      8    Max Stanton
      9    John and Mary Stanton

        Agents of the Dark

     10    The Rider
     11    Maggie Barnes
     12    The Doctor

        Signs of the Light

     13    Sign of Stone
     14    Sign of Bronze
     15    Sign of Iron
     16    Sign of Wood
     17    Sign of Fire
     18    Sign of Water

        Stanton Mysteries

     19    Family of Light
     20    Missing Twin
     21    Prison of Snow
     22    Maker of Signs
     23    Thesis
     24    The Stantons Return

        Legend of Light and Dark

     25    Ancient Foe
     26    Souls and Signs
     27    Eternal Guardians

        Story Cards

     28    Meet the Stantons
     29    The Invitation
     30    Guess Who!
     31    Family Secrets
     32    Birthday Boy
     33    Busted
     34    Horror in Uniform
     35    Nowhere to Turn
     36    Crush
     37    Enter the Dark
     38    Surprise Rescue
     39    You Are the Seeker
     40    The Book of Signs
     41    Visions of Dark
     42    The Physics of Doom
     43    Doctor Darkness
     44    Lost Twin
     45    Finding the First Sign
     46    New Powers
     47    Mysterious Thief
     48    Face-Off in 1290
     49    Power of Light!
     50    Hissing Death
     51    Another Thomas
     52    Maker of the Signs
     53    Maggie's Little Secret
     54    Not a Superhero
     55    Loosing It
     56    Help from Gwen
     57    "Tell No One"
     58    Merriman's Lecture
     59    Dark Max
     60    Brother vs. Brother
     61    Sign of the Champion
     62    The Dark Attacks
     63    Professor Stanton's Guilt
     64    Lost Soul
     65    Deadly Cold
     66    The Battle Begins
     67    Temptress and Victim
     68    Whole at Last
     69    Darkness Rushes In
     70    I Am the Light
     71    The Light Prevails

     72    Checklist


Signs of Light Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

     S1    "We're about a thousand years from home, Gwen.      Will-Gwen
     S2    "Bad weather on the way, Mrs. Stanton. Good da      Dawson
     S3    "Only with the Signs will you have the power t      Miss Greythorne
     S4    "It expresses a theory: that darkness is not j      Professor Stanton
     S5    "We are the Old Ones. As old as mankind, Will,      Merriman
     S6    "I'm just here to look out for you. OK?"            Maggie
     S7    "I am Will Stanton, the seventh son of a seven      Will
     S8    "I must have them, the trinkets, and break the      The Rider
     S9    "Will, I am the Dark of this earth. I am the e      The Rider as the Director

Eternal Enemies Cards (1:17 packs)

     E1    Sign Seeker
     E2    Dark Rider
     E3    Guardians of Light
     E4    Minions of Dark
     E5    Unwilling Sacrifice
     E6    Betrayer of Light

Hidden Cards (1:23 packs)

     H1    Symbols
     H2    Identity
     H3    Family Tree

Autograph Cards (1:24 packs)

   A-AL    Alexander Ludwig as Will Stanton
   A-AW    Amelia Warner as Maggie Barnes
   A-DB    Drew Tyler Bell as James Stanton
   A-EE    Edmund Entin as Robin Stanton
   A-GE    Gary Entin as Paul Stanton
   A-EL    Emma Lockhart as Gwen Stanton
   A-FC    Frances Conroy as Miss Greythorne
   A-GS    Gregory Smith as Max Stanton
   A-IM    Ian McShane as Merriman Lyon
   A-JH    John Benjamin Hickey as John Stanton
   A-WC    Wendy Crewson as Mary Stanton

Pieceworks Cards (1:24 packs)

    PW1    Sweater worn by Alexander Ludwig as Will Stanton
    PW2    Cloak worn by Christopher Eccleston as The Rider
    PW3    Jacket worn by Gregory Smith as Max Stanton
    PW4    Scarf worn by Amelia Warner as Maggie Barnes
    PW5    Jacket worn by Frances Conroy as Miss Greythorne
    PW6    Scarf worn by Jonathan Jackson as The Walker

Case-Topper Card

    CL1    Unlikely Warrior

Card Album (sold separately)

     --    (binder)

Uncut Sheet (sold separately; # to 99)

     --    (9-card panel of Signs of Light puzzle)


   P1      Coming October 2007
   P2      (Non-Sport Update)
  PFW      (Dee's Show NJ-NY 2007)
   Pi      ( exclusive)
   PK      (U.K. distribution)
P-SD2007   (San Diego Comic Con 2007)
   --      Coming October 2007 (dealer sell sheet)
   --      (retailer information packet)

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