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The Seven Revelations, Series 1
   Sketchlords - 2010

Notes: Primary interest for the series was the sketch cards.

Packs: 3 base cards + 1 puzzle + 1 sketch. 1000 packs made
Common sets (18): approx. 166 sets distributed in packs.
Puzzale sets (9): approximately 11 sets distributed in packs.

No.   Title                        Series / Sketches Made

  1   Apostle                      Nar's Underground Forces
  2   Deep Freeze vs. Hottstuff    Tony Perna's Project-M
  3   Red Wolf                     Nar's Underground Forces
  4   Ten Zi Lee                   Danny Kuang's Edge
  5   Xero                         Danny Kuang's Xeno Tech
  6   Meta Unit                    Danny Kuang's Xeno Tech
  7   Rokk vs The Horde!           Tony Perna's Project-M
  8   The Ravager                  Jennifer Mercer's Revenge
  9   Ema and Rose                 Jack Redd's The Order of Draykkon
 10   Lotus                        Ryan Kinnard's Terrathea
 11   Thunderer vs Life Force      Tony Perna's Project-M
 12   Aliya and Hybrid 175         Jack Redd's The Order of Draykkon
 13   Space Pirate                 Spacehawk - Paul Allen Ballard
 14   Nyra                         Ryan Kinnard's Terrathea
 15   Revenge                      Jennifer Mercer's Revenge
 16   Symattra                     Ryan Kinnard's Terrathea
 17   Spacehawk                    Spacehawk - Paul Allen Ballard
 18   The Check List


The Seven Revelations Puzzle Set (art by Nar!)

N-1   (puzzle top left)
N-2   (puzzle top left)
N-3   (puzzle top left)
N-4   (puzzle center left)
N-5   (puzzle center)
N-6   (puzzle center right)
N-7   (puzzle bottom left)
N-8   (puzzle bottom middle)
N-9   (puzzle bottom right)

Artist Sketch Cards

 --   Soni Alcorn-Hender            75
 --   Axebone                       60
 --   Ryan Kinnaird                 50
 --   Danny Kuang                  110
 --   Jennifer Mercer              110
 --   Hanie Mohd                   105
 --   NAR                          100
 --   William Neff                  53
 --   Ryan Orosco                   57
 --   Tony Perna                    85
 --   Jack Redd                     60
 --   Scott Rorie                   60
 --   Anthony Tan                   75

Hand-Finished Cards (1:11 packs)

 --   Paul Allen Ballard            97

Multiple-Pack-Purchase Item (signed 8" x 10" print)

 --   Jennifer Mercer (20 packs)     7

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