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Gold Rush: Forty Niners Cheerleaders
Walk-West - 1993

Note: Cards were distributed as a boxed factory set.


   Gold Rush: 1993 Forty Niners Cheerleaders
   Tanja Anguay
   Brittney Bailey
   Tanisha Bazan
   Antionette Bertolani
   Kitty Chang
   Tristan Davis
   Kim Dobbins
   Desiree Duarte
   Naja Franklin
   Holly Gant
   Andrea Halliday
   Lorie Hannigan
   Rachel Jackson
   Stacy Johnson
   Julie Jones
   Dayna Joseph
   Cindy LaHerran
   Nikki Lambert
   Katie Lorenz
   Nikki Meredith
   Rolleen Myers
   Colette Mares
   Irene Redondo
   Sherlyn Roy
   Danielle Shields
   Tamara Shirkey
   Dana Stypula
   Lisa Teele
   Marianne Tielemans
   Shauna Travins
   Kathleen Upham
   Shawna Zimmerman
   Angela Mathias, Director
   Lisa Correia, Assistant Director

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