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Stargate SG-1 Season 4
Rittenhouse Archives - 2002

Note:  Additional information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 4.78 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text / Title                                Episode

  1   (Episode List #81-88)                            Stargate SG-1
  2   (Episode List #75-#80)                           Stargate SG-1
  3   (Episode List #67-#74                            Stargate SG-1
  4   Thor's ship has been destroyed in an uncontrol   Small Victories
  5   Hoping to avoid an international incident, O'N   Small Victories
  6   Meanwhile, the Asgard also face defeat by the    Small Victories
  7   An unexpected offworld transmission reaches th   The Other Side
  8   The Eurondans are a technologically advanced p   The Other Side
  9   An investigation reveals disturbing informatio   The Other Side
 10   Among the ruins of the distant homeworld of th   Upgrades
 11   Once fitted with the alien armbands, O'Neill,    Upgrades
 12   As Dr. Fraiser searches for a solution, O'Neil   Upgrades
 13   Shan'auc, a Jaffa priestess of Chulak, is sent   Crossroads
 14   Teal'c is skeptical of Shan'auc's claims. Howe   Crossroads
 15   The Tok'ra agree to help Shan'auc, and a willi   Crossroads
 16   SG-1 and SG-14 are on Vorash preparing to sign   Divide and Conquer
 17   Anise begin her testing procedure, and Lt. Ast   Divide and Conquer
 18   As O'Neill prepares for the dangerous deprogra   Divide and Conquer
 19   On P4X-639, SGT-1 meets Malikai, an explorer f   Window of Opportunity
 20   No one can explain why O'Neill and Teal'c insi   Window of Opportunity
 21   The writing on the device holds the answers. B   Window of Opportunity
 22   The Stargate won't engage, and an investigatio   Watergate
 23   At the Siberian facility, SG-1 makes a horrify   Watergate
 24   Meanwhile, back at the facility, O'Neill and T   Watergate
 25   During an archaeological dig with SG-11 on P3X   The First Ones
 26   The rescue team arrives to find that only Majo   The First Ones
 27   Meanwhile, Daniel is dragged further into the    The First Ones
 28   The Enkarans had been captured from their home   Scorched Earth
 29   SG-1 investigates, and meets Lotan, a bio-mech   Scorched Earth
 30   Faced with choosing extinction for an entire r   Scorched Earth
 31   SG-1 awakens in a mysterious facility on P3R-1   Beneath the Surface
 32   At the SGC, General Hammond attempts to solve    Beneath the Surface
 33   The memory stamp is not permanent, and slowly    Beneath the Surface
 34   The SGC is contacted by a conspiracy theorist    Point of No Return
 35   O'Neill is prepared to dismiss Martin as a har   Point of No Return
 36   Martin's gate coordinates may hold the key, an   Point of No Return
 37   The SGC develops the X-301 Intercept, an exper   Tangent
 38   Daniel tries to contact offworld allies for he   Tangent
 39   As the X-301 streaks toward the edge of the so   Tangent
 40   Daniel returns to his alma mater when he learn   The Curse
 41   Daniel and Sarah begin an investigation, despi   The Curse
 42   Daniel, Carter, and Dr. Fraiser follow Steven    The Curse
 43   While visiting Chulak to raise support for the   The Serpent's Venom
 44   The meeting is to be held in neutral territory   The Serpent's Venom
 45   SG-1 is faced with the horrifying choice of co   The Serpent's Venom
 46   General Hammond abruptly resigns from the SGC,   Chain Reaction
 47   General Bauer's first project is to assign Car   Chain Reaction
 48   In exchange for temporary release from prison,   Chain Reaction
 49   The year is 2010. Ten years ago, Earth allied    2010
 50   As Earth prepares to celebrate its tenth anniv   2010
 51   Earth's only hope lies in the past, and SG-1 r   2010
 52   On Abydos, SG-1 encounters a whirling standsto   Absolute Power
 53   Through the power of Shifu's touch, Daniel com   Absolute Power
 54   As Daniel awakens, he comes to realize the dan   Absolute Power
 55   When Daniel and SG-5 visit P4X-347, they retur   The Light
 56   When O'Neill returns to Earth, he too begins e   The Light
 57   Young Loran holds the key. Long since deserted   The Light
 58   While lecturing at the Air Force Academy, Cart   Prodigy
 59   On M4C-862, Carter and Hailey join O'Neill and   Prodigy
 60   Cut off from the Stargate and surrounded by be   Prodigy
 61   The MALP sent to P9C-372 is returning peculiar   Entity
 62   O'Neill wants to destroy the nest, but Carter    Entity
 63   With the SGC and all of Earth facing annihilat   Entity
 64   SG-1's robot duplicates from Altair arrive on    Double Jeopardy
 65   Meanwhile, Harlan of Altair arrives at the SGC   Double Jeopardy
 66   On Juna, SG-1 meets up with the duplicate O'Ne   Double Jeopardy
 67   Now in possession of Chronus's pyramid ship, S   Exodus
 68   Carter and Jacob devise a plan in which the To   Exodus
 69   Carter, Jacob, and Daniel race to complete the   Exodus
 70   Checklist 1
 71   Checklist 2
 72   Checklist 3


Dial-Us-Home (Foil-Highlight Puzzle) Cards (1:6 packs)

 D1   Auriga
 D2   Cetus
 D3   Centaurus
 D4   Cancer
 D5   Scutum
 D6   Eridanus

Goa'uld Technology Cards (1:8 packs)

 G1   "AG-3" Defense System
 G2   Body Armor
 G3   Death Gliders
 G4   Ribbon Device
 G5   Rings
 G6   Sarcophogus
 G7   Staff Weapon
 G8   Teltac
 G9   Zat'n'ktel

Heroes in Action Cards (1:40 packs)

 H1   Colonel O'Neill
 H2   Teal'c
 H3   Major Samantha Carter
 H4   Dr. Daniel Jackson

Autograph Cards (1:40 packs)

A10   Suanne Braun as Goddess Hathor
A11   Amanda Tapping as Maj. Samantha Carter
A12   Carmen Argenziano as Jacob/Selmak
A13   Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson
A14   Peter Wingfield as Tanith
A15   Tom McBeath as Colonel Maybourne
A16   Vanessa Angel as Anise/Freya
A17   Colin Cunningham as Major Davis
A18   J.R. Bourne as Martouf/Lantash
A19   (Binder Exclusive, listed below)

From the Archives Costume Cards (1:40 packs)

C5    Teal'c (1450 made)                               n/a
C6    General Hammond (1350 total) [patterned]         Point of View
          --                       [all black]         Point of View
C7    Selmak (1350 made)                               Tangent
C8    Colonel Maybourne (1300 made) [tri-color]        Chain Reaction
          --                        [red & yellow]     Chain Reaction
C9    Anise/Freya (625 made)                           Divide and Conquer
C10   Mollem (1300 made)                               2010
C11   Major Samantha Carter (625 made)                 Beneath The Surface
C12   (Case Exclusive, listed below)

Hand-Drawn SketchaFEX Cards (1:480 Packs)

 --   Teal'c I   [John Czop]
 --   Teal'c II  [John Czop]

Dual Relic (Case Topper) Costume Card (667 total)

C12   Major Carter [blue & black + white]              Emancipation
          --       [blue & white + white]              Emancipation

Card Album (sold separately)

--    Stargate SG-1 Season 4 Trading Cards (Binder)
A19   Erick Avari as Kasuf (Exclusive Autograph)
BP1   (Binder Exclusive Promo Card)
--    (12 plastic pages)

Uncut Sheet of Base Set (Sold by manufacturer, limited to 50)

--    (72-card sheet, numbered and signed by Steve Charendoff)


P1    Stargate SG-1 Season 4 Trading Cards
--    Stargate SG-1 Season 4 Trading Cards (dealer sell sheet)

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