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Stargate SG-1 Season 5
Rittenhouse Archives - 2002/2003

Notes: Thanks to Todd Gambrel and Ray Tucker for updates! Further 
information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 4.70 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Card Text / Title                                 Episode

  1    Montage/Episode Guide (left)
  2    Montage/Episode Guide (center)
  3    Montage/Episode Guide (right)
  4    The mothership carrying SG-1 and Jacob has been   Enemies
  5    SG-1 transports aboard Apophis's deserted ship,   Enemies
  6    SG-1 become prisoners of Apophis as he plots a    Enemies
  7    Although SG-1 has rescued Teal'c's body, his mi   Threshold
  8    Tal'c's symbiote is removed, and his immune sys   Threshold
  9    As Teal'c reaches the moment of death, his memo   Threshold
 10    On Velona, SG-1 finds a deserted world and the    Ascension
 11    At the SGC, Colonel Simmons has arrived from th   Ascension
 12    As SG-16 prepares to power up the alien device    Ascension
 13    On P7S-441, SG-1 is under attack by Jaffa. Tyle   The Fifth Man
 14    As Hammond organizes an aerial search of the pl   The Fifth Man
 15    On the planet, as the Jaffa close in, Tyler con   The Fifth Man
 16    SG-1 arrives on K'tau, an Asgard protected plan   Red Sky
 17    As the people of K'tau prepare themselves for t   Red Sky
 18    With few options remaining, O'Neill and Daniel    Red Sky
 19    Cassandra was 12 years old when she became the    Rite of Passage
 20    On Hanka, SG-1 finds Nirrti's underground lab.    Rite of Passage
 21    At the SGC, Cassandra's condition continues to    Rite of Passage
 22    Following SG-1's visit to P3X-888, the homeworl   Beast of Burden
 23    O'Neill and Daniel hope to recover Chaka peacef   Beast of Burden
 24    Carter and Teal'c have remained outside the vil   Beast of Burden
 25    On P2X-338, SG-1 finds an ancient Babylonian zi   The Tomb
 26    The team enters the ziggurat, however a booby t   The Tomb
 27    As suspicion spreads, Marduk reveals himself wi   The Tomb
 28    SG-1 is invited to Tollana to attend the funera   Between Two Fires
 29    SG-1 begins to share Narim's suspicions when th   Between Two Fires
 30    When SG-1 is apprehended, the reason for the To   Between Two Fires
 31    On P3A-194, SG-1 encounters the Volians, a peac   2001
 32    The trade negotiations proceed so smoothly that   2001
 33    O'Neill tries to warn the President against an    2001
 34    On a deserted road, a Russian military convoy i   Desperate Measures
 35    O'Neill tracks down Maybourne once more, and le   Desperate Measures
 36    Adrian Conrad is in the final stages of Burchar   Desperate Measures
 37    Martin Lloyd, Dr. Tanner, and their compatriots   Wormhole X-Treme!
 38    Investigating the spaceship headed for Earth, S   Wormhole X-Treme!
 39    Tanner injects Martin with an antidote to resto   Wormhole X-Treme!
 40    A team of Air Force Academy graduates, includin   Proving Ground
 41    Using exterior access, O'Neill and his young te   Proving Ground
 42    The alien device is accessed, but the explosive   Proving Ground
 43    On P3X-116, SG-1 comes under attack by death gl   48 Hours
 44    Colonel Simmons arrives at the SGC with Dr. McK   48 Hours
 45    O'Neill turns once again to Maybourne, hoping t   48 Hours
 46    The recent deaths of Cronus and Apophis have le   Summit
 47    SG-1 and SG-17, including the new recruit Lieut   Summit
 48    Meanwhile, Jacob travels with Daniel to the Goa   Summit
 49    The forces of Zipacna continue to attack Revann   Last Stand
 50    Meanwhile, Daniel remains undercover at the sum   Last Stand
 51    Daniel plans to capture Osiris in an attempt to   Last Stand
 52    An enormous asteroid is spotted on a collision    Fail Safe
 53    As O'Neill and Teal'c set the bomb outside the    Fail Safe
 54    O'Neill and Teal'c must now deactivate the bomb   Fail Safe
 55    K'tano, a charismatic leader, claims to be the    The Warrior
 56    On Cal Mah, SG-1 finds a growing alliance of Ja   The Warrior
 57    K'tano plans to attack Lord Yu's homeworld, and   The Warrior
 58    SG-1 visits a planet with signs of a long-deser   Menace
 59    If Replicators destroyed Reese's planet, she ma   Menace
 60    Reese fears that SG-1 will try to destroy her.    Menace
 61    During the operation of NID off-world teams, Co   The Sentinel
 62    O'Neill visits Grieves in prison, but Grieves i   The Sentinel
 63    The Latonans have technologically regressed sin   The Sentinel
 64    Daniel has been exposed to a lethal dose of rad   Meridian
 65    Because of the enormous potential of naquadria    Meridian
 66    As Daniel's condition continues to deteriorate,   Meridian
 67    SG-1 is still mourning the loss of Daniel Jacks   Revelations
 68    O'Neill and Teal'c aboard the mothership to res   Revelations
 69    Meanwhile, Osiris traces Carter's signal, and t   Revelations
 70    Bonus Card Checklist
 71    Bonus Card Checklist
 72    Base Card Checklist


Dr. Daniel Jackson Tribute (1:4 packs)

 D1    The Torment of Tantalus
 D2    There But for the Grace of God
 D3    Holiday
 D4    Forever in a Day
 D5    Absolute Power
 D6    Scorched Earth
 D7    Beast of Burden
 D8    Summit / Last Stand
 D9    Meridian

Wormhole X-Treme! Gallery Embossed Cards (1:8 packs)

 W1    "Hurry up, Major. We need that forceshield." -
 W2    "Oooh! What color is the beam from the raygun?"
 W3    "You seen action?" - Nick Marlowe "That would b
 W4    "I have a little trouble with Scene 27. It says
 W5    "Princess, I've seen a lot over the years. The
 W6    "You realize this is not a real show?" - Direct
 W7    "As a matter of fact, it does say Colonel on my
 W8    "I think you can really see the difference betw
 W9    "I'm Christian Boucher. I'm portraying the char

False Gods Cel Cards (1:12 packs)

F1     Apophis - Egyptian
F2     Baal - Canaanite
F3     Bastet - Egyptian
F4     Cronus - Greek
F5     Hathor - Egyptian
F6     Kali - Hindu
F7     Morrigan - Celtic
F8     Nurrti - Hindu
F9     Olokun - African
F10    Osiris - Egyptian
F11    Seth - Egyptian
F12    Yu - Chinese

Autograph Cards (1:20 packs)

A20    Gary Jones as Sergeant Davis
A21    Christopher Judge as Teal'c
A22    Garwin Sanford as Narim
A23    Elisabeth Rosen as Lt. Jennifer Hailey
A24    Dan Shea as Sgt. Siler
A25    John de Lancie (Case-topper, also below)
WXA1   Michael DeLuise as Colonel Danning
WXA2   Jill Teed as Major Stacy Monroe
WXA3   Christian Bocher as Dr. Levant
WXA4   Herbert Duncanson as Grell the Robot
WXA5   Kiara Hunter as Alien Princess
WXA6   Willie Garson as Martin Lloyd

SketchaFEX Cards (1:40 packs)

 --    John Czop: Crystal Skull (200)
 --    John Czop: Hathor (400)
 --    John Czop: Jaffa Warrior (400)
 --    John Czop: Major Carter (400)
 --    John Czop: The Nox (200)
 --    John Czop: Osiris (200)
 --    John Czop: Rings (400)
 --    Michael Kraiger: Asgard (450)
 --    Warren Martineck: Osiris (250)
 --    Warren Martineck: Rings (375)
 --    Warren Martineck: Sha're (250)
 --    Warren Martineck: Stargate (375)
 --    Pablo Raimondi: Asgard (500)
 --    Pablo Raimondi: Jack O'Neill (500)
 --    Pablo Raimondi: Jaffa Warrior (500)
 --    Pablo Raimondi: Teal'c (500)
 --    Dan Schaefer: Oannes (500)
 --    Dan Schaefer: Sam Carter (500)
 --    Dan Schaefer: Unas (500)

Mail-In Offer Card (1:40 packs)

 --    Complete Set of 4 Stargate Bobblehead Dolls

From the Archives Costume Cards (1:160 packs)

C13    Colonel Jack O'Neill                              Spirits
C14    Bra'tac                                           Maternal Instinct
C15    Sha're                                            Children of the Gods
C16    Colonel Danning (Binder Exclusive, also below)    Wormhole X-Treme!

Case Topper Autograph Card

A25    John de Lancie as Col. Frank Simmons

Card Album (sold separately)

 --    (Binder)
 --    (12 nine-pocket pages)
C16    Colonel Danning (exclusive costume card)
P3     Season 5 Trading Cards (Exclusive Promo Card)

Archive Boxes

 --    (Master set; marked on outside, 25 made)
 --    (Master set; marked on inside, 25 made)

Uncut Sheets (sold separately)

 --    (base cards, 72-card panel; limited to 50)
 --    Dr. Jackson Tribute (9-card panel)
 --    Wormhole Extreme (9-card panel)
 --    False Gods (12-card panel)


 P1    Fall of 2002 (General distribution)
 P2    Fall of 2002 (Conventions)
 --    Fall 2002 (Dealer sell sheet, double-sided)

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