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Stargate SG-1 Season 9
Rittenhouse Archives - 2007

Notes:  Thanks to Kelly Woodford, Robert Norris, and Rose Norton for 
updates! Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes/case.
Common sets (72): approx. 2.58 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text / Title                                Episode

 1    Stargate SG-1 Season 9 (title triptych)
 2    (title triptych)
 3    (title triptych)
 4    With General O'Neill's reassignment, General H   Avalon, Part I
 5    Daniel's departure for Atlantis is delayed by    Avalon, Part I
 6    From Prometheus in orbit, Mitchell, Teal'c, Da   Avalon, Part I
 7    With only moments to spare, Daniel and Mitchel   Avalon, Part II
 8    Convinced that the Alterans were the ancestors   Avalon, Part II
 9    Daniel and Vala learn that the village of Ver    Avalon, Part II
10    On the shimmering Plains of Celestis, Daniel a   Origin
11    On a desert world, a Prior steps through the s   Origin
12    At the SGC, the bodies of Daniel and Vala go i   Origin
13    No longer linked by the kor mak bracelets, Val   The Ties That Bind
14    Mitchell, Daniel, and Vala confront Inago, off   The Ties That Bind
15    Mitchell, Daniel, Teal'c, and Vala arrange a r   The Ties That Bind
16    Priors have been reported on 43 different worl   The Powers That Be
17    Daniel insists that the only way to save the v   The Powers That Be
18    The plague of the Priors has swept through the   The Powers That Be
19    The Jaffa of Kallana refuse to embrace the Ori   Beachhead
20    At Kallana the team discovers that the force f   Beachhead
21    From Kallana's stargate, objects emerge and ac   Beachhead
22    A lone Jaffa turns up on a remote Virginia roa   Ex Deus Machina
23    Ba'al has sought refuge on earth, posing as a    Ex Deus Machina
24    With time running out, Gerak's forces attack B   Ex Deus Machina
25    The Sodan overthrew the false god Ishkur 5000    Babylon
26    SG-1's search for Mitchell proves fruitless. A   Babylon
27    As the Sodan ritual of kel shak lo is about to   Babylon
28    A gravitational anomaly near P3X-584 may be an   Prototype
29    As a human/Goa'uld hybrid, Khalek poses a form   Prototype
30    Against Woolsey's demands, Landry orders that    Prototype
31    SG-6 returns from P2X-885 with word that the p   The Fourth Horseman, Part I
32    As Carter works to develop a means to combat t   The Fourth Horseman, Part I
33    The prototype of Carter's anti-Prior device ma   The Fourth Horseman, Part I
34    As a Prior of the Ori, Gerak hopes to use his    The Fourth Horseman, Part II
35    The Prior returns to the Sodan village, and us   The Fourth Horseman, Part II
36    The plague on Earth has become a global pandem   The Fourth Horseman, Part II
37    On the planet Galar, Mitchell regains consciou   Collateral Damage
38    SG-1 suspects that Mitchell's memory of the mu   Collateral Damage
39    Determined to find Reya Varrick's murderer, Mi   Collateral Damage
40    An irregular energy spike accompanies an unsch   Ripple Effect
41    Carter theorizes that a subspace tear has caus   Ripple Effect
42    At their destination, the alternate SG-1 team    Ripple Effect
43    On Dakara, both Maz'rai and Ka'lel have shown    Stronghold
44    Bra'tac brings word to the SGC that Teal'c had   Stronghold
45    Mitchell joins his team as a joint rescue miss   Stronghold
46    Jared Kane arrives at the SGC with word that h   Ethon
47    Aboard Prometheus, SG-1 approaches Tegalus, in   Ethon
48    With communications disabled, Rand's satellite   Ethon
49    A highly addictive corn-like crop called kassa   Off The Grid
50    With SG-1 out of touch and overdue, Landry ord   Off The Grid
51    As Nerus arrives aboard Ba'al's mothership, hi   Off The Grid
52    The Pentagon has requested that SG-1 escort Ri   The Scourge
53    The insidious R-75 species is most likely the    The Scourge
54    Odyssey has been dispatched with orders to lau   The Scourge
55    As Carter studies an Ancient device recovered    Arthur's Mantle
56    Haikon warns Teal'c that Volnek was responsibl   Arthur's Mantle
57    With Teal'c overdue, Mitchell joins a rescue m   Arthur's Mantle
58    A link through an Alteran communication termin   Crusade
59    For months, the Ori had been preparing a vast    Crusade
60    As Vala reveals to the SGC the failure of Seev   Crusade
61    On a world known as Camelot, SG-1 seeks Merlin   Camelot
62    Aboard the Odyssey, Carter and Kvasir cooperat   Camelot
63    Daniel and Mitchell are beamed aboard the Koro   Camelot


64    Ben Browder as Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitc
65    Director Peter DeLuise on the Stargate SG-1 se
66    Cameras are strategically placed in and around
67    For close-up shots and to prevent anyone from
68    Bill Dow as Dr. Lee stands in front of a green
69    The cast try to regain their composure before

70    Checklist [base cards 1-50]
71    Checklist [51-72, S1-S18, B1-B9, CP1-CP7, aut]
72    Checklist [costumes, relics]


Production Sketches (1:10 packs)

S1    Chi8ldren of the Gods                             1
S2    The Enemy Within                                  3
S3    The Broca Divide                                  4
S4    The First Commandment                             5
S5    The First Commandment                             5
S6    Brief Candle                                      9
S7    Brief Candle                                      9
S8    Thor's Hammer                                    10
S9    Thor's Hammer                                    10
S10   Thor's Hammer                                    10
S11   Bloodlines                                       12
S12   Bloodlines                                       12
S13   Fire and Water                                   13
S14   Fire and Water                                   13
S15   Hathor                                           14
S16   Singularity                                      15
S17   The Cor-ai                                       16
S18   The Cor-ai                                       16

The Book of Origin (1:20 packs)

BO1   He spoke to the sky and said, "And the people
BO2   As he lay there dying in the sun, the sands of
BO3   Guide us on the path so that we may triumph ov
BO4   And those who are prideful and refuse to bow d
BO5   Fear not the Ori. Fear the darkness that will
BO6   Pity not the blind man, for he is hindered not
BO7   Let not the words of deceivers lead you to dou
BO8   Blessed are the true believers, for only they
BO9   Life and death, light and darkness, hope and d

Cast Posters (1:40 packs)

CP1   Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O'Neill
CP2   Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter
CP3   Christopher Judge as Teal'c
CP4   Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson
CP5   Ben Browder as Cameron Mitchell
CP6   Beau Bridges as Hank Landry
CP7   Claudia Black as Vala

Autograph Cards (1:20 packs)

A74   William B. Davis as Prior
A79   Steve Bacic as Camulus
A80   Kira Clavell as Amaterasu
A81   Matthew Bennett as Jared Kane
A82   Amy Sloan as Leda Kane
A83   Alessandro Juliani as Katep
A84   Michael Ironside as Seevis
A85   Ben Browder as Lt. Col. Mitchell (Very Limited)
--    (no #A86)
A87   Lexa Doig as Dr. Carolyn Lam
A88   Ernie Hudson as Pernaux
A89   Greg Anderson as Administrator
A90   Tony Todd as Haikon
A91   Matthew Walker as Merlin
A92   Cameron Bright as Orlin
A93   Peter Flemming as Malcolm Barrett
A94   Kendall Cross as Julia Donovan

Costume Cards (with Relics: 1:40 packs)

C35   Jeans worn by Daniel Jackson                     Evolution
C36   Robes worn by Daniel Jackson                     Orpheus
C37   T-shirt worn by Daniel Jackson                   Evolution
C38   Rebecca Reichert as Fourth                       Unnatural Selection
C39   Leathers and furs worn by Unas                   Enemy Mine
C40   Dress shirt worn by General Jack O'Neill         Avalon
C41   Black BDU pants worn by Lt. Colonel Mitchell     The Fourth Horseman
C42   Dress pants worn by General Hammond
C43   Shirt worn by Rya'c                              Family

Relic Cards

R15   Alien Newspaper (# to 500)                       2001
R16   Rose (# to 378)                                  Chimera
R17   Alien Document (# to 454)                        Revisions

Merchandise Promos (1:40 packs each)

DST06    Series Three Action Figures Are Available Now!
DVD/MGM  Collect all 9 seasons (with promotional DVD)

Case-Topper Dual Costume Card

C14   Kali [Last Stand]

Archive Boxes (randomly distributed, approx. 1:25 cases)

  --    (complete set of all bonus cards found in packs)
  --    (case-topper costume card)
  --    (multi-case-incentive dual autograph card)

Card Album (sold separately)

--    (binder)
--    (12 nine-pocket pages)
C13   Cronus (exclusive dual costume card)             Double Jeopardy
P3    (exclusive promo card, also listed below)

Multi-Case Purchase Incentives

DA4   Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson / Ben
        Browder as Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell (dual
        autograph; 2 cases)
--    R75 Bug (prop card; # to 120; 3 cases)           The Scourge


P1    (Mitchell)
P2    (Daniel and Mitchell)
P3    (Teal'c; album exclusive)
INT   (Vala; international distribution)
SD07  (Daniel with scrolls; San Diego Comic Con 2007)
--    (dealer sell sheet)

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