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Stargate: Atlantis Season 1
Rittenhouse Archives - 2005

Notes:  Thanks much to Ed Webb for the update! Further information and scans 
are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.95 per box if collation were perfect.

   No.    Card Text / Title                                 Episode

     1    Title Triptych/Checklist (base cards)
     2    Title Triptych/Checklist (Q, AT, C)
     3    Title Triptych/Checklist (costumes, autos)
    04    A team of scientists headed by Dr. Elizabeth W    The Rising, Part 1
    05    As the team arrives in Atlantis, the city come    The Rising, Part 1
    06    Though cautious of the new visitors, Teyla is     The Rising, Part 1
    07    Using false shadows around the village to caus    The Rising, Part 2
    08    Sheppard is adamant that a rescue mission be m    The Rising, Part 2
    09    After arriving on the planet, Sheppard's team     The Rising, Part 2
    10    As the inhabitants of Atlantis begin settling     Hide and Seek
    11    During the search, power levels begins to fluc    Hide and Seek
    12    Dr. Grodin tracks the entity's movements, shut    Hide and Seek
    13    Under fire by Wraith, an off-world team rushes    Thirty-Eight Minutes
    14    Closing the bulkhead to buy time, a panicky Mc    Thirty-Eight Minutes
    15    Dr. Zelenka, working on a second jumper, disco    Thirty-Eight Minutes
    16    Concerned over increasing encounters with the     Suspicion
    17    Making use of a puddle jumper, Sheppard and Fo    Suspicion
    18    Though hesitant, Weir drops the gate shields,     Suspicion
    19    Forced to land on an unknown planet due to an     Childhood's End
    20    Approaching ruins of a city, McKay finds the s    Childhood's End
    21    McKay rushes to reactivate the dampening field    Childhood's End
    22    The Atlantis team meets with the Hathons, a so    Poisoning the Well
    23    Beckett is given details and previous history     Poisoning the Well
    24    With the promise of a feeding, the Wraith pris    Poisoning the Well
    25    With food supplies running low, the Atlantis t    Underground
    26    McKay finds a radioactive signal, located insi    Underground
    27    Weir is vehemently against the plan, but Shepp    Underground
    28    The team visits a mist-covered planet with no     Home
    29    Weir radios through the planet's activated gat    Home
    30    Things are not as they seem. When Hammond reas    Home
    31    On a routine patrol over the planet, Sheppard     The Storm
    32    As the evacuation begins, McKay develops a pla    The Storm
    33    The Genii Commandos take advantage of the redu    The Storm
    34    McKay convinces Kolya of their value, and McKa    The Eye
    35    The eye of the storm passes over the mainland,    The Eye
    36    Sheppard is soon taken prisoner, but is quickl    The Eye
    37    Discovery of an Ancient weapons platform on th    The Defiant One
    38    Having already killed Abrams, a lone Wraith le    The Defiant One
    39    As Gaul lies dying, he encourages McKay to lea    The Defiant One
    40    A team of engineers, led by McKay and Ford, mo    Hot Zone
    41    Upon entering the nearby lab, they discovers b    Hot Zone
    42    A panicked Peterson enters a transporter, whic    Hot Zone
    43    In a desparate race to outrun several Wraith d    Sanctuary
    44    To McKay's annoyance, Chaya claims Athar has d    Sanctuary
    45    McKay requests to discreetly scan Chaya for an    Sanctuary
    46    Exploring more of the city, Sheppard and his t    Before I Sleep
    47    In a meeting with the team, the older Weir tel    Before I Sleep
    48    As the older Weir awakens, she tells how the j    Before I Sleep
    49    In the ruins of a castle, the Atlantis team co    The Brotherhood
    50    When Dr. Zelenka discovers that Atlantis' spac    The Brotherhood
    51    McKay, Allina and Kolya return to the monaster    The Brotherhood
    52    With the threat of the Wraith invasion growing    Letters From Pegasus
    53    Orbiting above the planet, Sheppard reminds Te    Letters From Pegasus
    54    Sheppard unhappily informs Weir of the vast Wr    Letters From Pegasus
    55    Time is ticking away as the Wraith armada move    The Gift
    56    Teyla visits Dr. Heightmeyer, admitting to nig    The Gift
    57    Weir and Beckett deduce Teyla's people were al    The Gift
    58    A long forgotten Ancient defense satellits may    The Siege, Part 1
    59    Powering the satellite and routing energy to t    The Siege, Part 1
    60    Hive ships begin to appear on radar. Unable to    The Siege, Part 1
    61    Out of options, the Atlantis team assembles it    The Siege, Part 2
    62    Everett explains their compliment of weapons,     The Siege, Part 2
    63    Weir returns to Atlantis with two incomplete a    The Siege, Part 2


The Quotable Stargate Atlantis (1:6 packs)

   Q1     Rising, Part I
   Q2     Rising, Part II
   Q3     Hide and Seek
   Q4     Thirty-Eight Minutes
   Q5     Suspicion
   Q6     Childhood's End
   Q7     Poisoning The Well
   Q8     Underground
   Q9     Home
   Q10    The Storm
   Q11    The Eye
   Q12    The Defiant One
   Q13    Hot Zone
   Q14    Sanctuary
   Q15    Before I Sleep
   Q16    The Brotherhood
   Q17    Letter from Pegasus
   Q18    The Gift
   Q19    The Siege, Part I
   Q20    The Siege, Part II

Ancient Technologies (1:20 packs)

   AT1    Puddle Jumper
   AT2    Personal Shield
   AT3    Zero Point Modules
   AT4    Cryogenic Chamber/Statis Unit
   AT5    Ancient Technologies
   AT6    Defense Drones
   AT7    Lagrange Point Satellite
   AT8    Command Chair
   AT9    Repository of Knowledge

Atlantis Crew (1:40 packs)

    C1    Joe Flanigan as Major John Sheppard
    C2    Dr. Elizabeth Weir
    C3    Teyla Emmagan
    C4    Rainbow Francks as Lt. Aiden Ford
    C5    Dr. Rodney McKay
    C6    Dr. Carson Beckett
    C7    Dr. Elizabeth Weir / Major John Sheppard
    C8    Dr. Rodney McKay / Dr. Elizabeth Weir
    C9    Rainbow Francks as Lt. Aiden Ford / Joe Flanigan as Major John Sheppard

Fallen Hero: Colonel Marshall Sumner Cards (1:480 packs)

    H1    Colonel Marshall Sumner was a by-the-book mari
    H2    Wraith: I have not tasted such strength in a l

Costume Cards (1:40 packs)

    --    Male Wraith [with fabric variations]
    --    Janus
    --    Melia [with fabric variations]
    --    Chaya Sar
    --    Sora
    --    Dr. Carson Beckett
    --    Dr. Rodney McKay
    --    Lt. Aiden Ford
    --    Teyla Emmagan
    --    Dr. Elizabeth Weir
    --    Acastus Kolya

Autograph Cards (1:40 packs)

    --    Joe Flanigan as Major John Sheppard [Very Limited, 200-300 copies]
    --    Paul McGillion as Dr. Carson Beckett [Very Limited, 200-300 copies]
    --    Colm Meaney as Cowen [Limited, 300-500 copies]
    --    Erin Chambers as Sora [Case Topper]

    --    Ari Cohen as Tyrus
    --    Christopher Heyerdahl as Halling
    --    Gildart Jackson as Janus
    --    Melia McClure as Melia
    --    Laura Mennell as Sanir
    --    Jana Mitsoula as Allina
    --    David Nykl as Dr. Radek Zelenka
    --    Craig Veroni as Dr. Peter Grodin
    --    Boyan Vukelic as Sgt. Stackhouse

Multi-Case Incentive Cards

    --    Robert Davi as Commander Kolya (autograph; 2 cases)
   AC1    Rachel Luttrell as Teyla Emmagan (autographed costume card; 6 cases)

Collectors Album (sold separately)

    --    Stargate Atlantis (binder)
    --    Alan Scarfe as Chancellor Druhin (exclusive autograph)
    P3    (exclusive promo card)

Uncut Sheets

    --    (10-card panel of costume cards; signed by Steve Charendoff, numbered to 25)
    --    (10-card panel of costume cards; signed by Steve Charendoff, numbered to 25)

PREVIEW SET (sold separately; 2004)

   --     Major John Sheppard
   --     Dr. Elizabeth Weir
   --     Dr. Rodney McKay
   --     Lt. Aiden Ford
   --     Teyla Emmagan
   --     Cast of Stargate: Atlantis


  P1      (McKay, Teyla, Sheppard, Weir, Ford; general distribution)
  P2      (Ford, Weir, Sheppard; Non-Sport Update)
  P3      (Sheppard, Ford; album exclusive, also listed above)
SD2005    (Ford, Sheppard, Weir, McKay; San Diego Comic Con 2005)
  UK      (McKay, Weir; U.K. distribution)
  --      (dealer sell sheet)

MGM San Diego Comic Con 2004

SDCC-1    Joe Flanigan as Major John Sheppard
SDCC-2    Torri Higginson as Dr. Elizabeth Weir
SDCC-3    David Hewlett as Dr. Rodney McKay
SDCC-4    Rainbow Sun Francks as Lieutenant Aiden Ford
  --      Stargate: Atlantis (event guide card, 6" x 4"; MGM Comic Con)

Promo Pins (San Diego Comic Con 2004)

 --     Stargate: Atlantis (image of Major Sheppard)
 --     Stargate: Atlantis (image of Dr. Weir)
 --     Stargate: Atlantis (image of Dr. McKay)
 --     Stargate: Atlantis (image of Lt. Ford)
 --     Stargate: Atlantis (image of Teyla)
 --     Stargate: Atlantis (image of cast)

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