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Sergeant Preston of the Yukon
Quaker Foods - 1950, 1956

Notes:  These cards were issued first in 1950 to promote the radio series, 
and were marked "Challenge of the Yukon, Inc." and/or showing the 1950 
date. They were reprinted in 1956 as an adjunct to the television series, 
and were marked "Copyright, 1956, by Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, 
Inc." They were originally distributed most commonly with cereal products. 
Many thanks to Chris Dunham for the checklist! 

No.   Title

  1   Sgt. Preston and King
  2   Taken By Surprise
  3   Avalanche
  4   Sluice Mining
  5   Bear Surprising Trapper
  6   Mounted Police Headquarters
  7   Moose Attacked by Wolf Pack
  8   Prospectors Approaching Chilkoot Pass
  9   On the Trail
 10   Attack
 11   Crime Does Not Pay
 12   Caught in a Crevasse
 13   Making Mud Runners
 14   Breaking Out
 15   Yukon Queen
 16   Panning Gold
 17   Shooting White Horse Rapids
 18   Snow Bound
 19   Log Rolling Contest
 20   Battle of the Giants
 21   Forest Fire
 22   Wolf Pack Attacking Caribou
 23   Preston and King Arresting Renegades
 24   King to The Rescue
 25   Mealtime for the Cubs
 26   Trip to the Butcher's
 27   Topping Timber
 28   First Aid
 29   Spearfishing for Salmon
 30   Customs Post on Chilkoot Pass
 31   Fording the Stream
 32   Night Watch
 33   The Hunter
 34   Raider
 35   Log Jam
 36   Map of the Yukon

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