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The Shadow
Topps - 1994

Note:  Here's another case where some of the "chase" cards really aren't.  The one-per-pack
"Legends" subset cards are considerably more common than the regular cards, and should
usually be included with the basic set.  Boxes erroneously stated the frequency for the Topps
Finest inserts; packs correctly advertised them as 1:45 packs.

Box: 72 packs of 6 cards + 1 Legends card.
Common sets: approx. 4.78 per box; Legends sets, 7.20 per box, if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   The Shadow
  2   Lamont Cranston
  3   Shiwan Khan
  4   Margo Lane
  5   Reinhardt Lane
  6   Moe Shrevnitz
  7   Wainwright Barth
  8   Farley Claymore
  9   Dr. Roy Tam
 10   The Ring of the Shadow
 11   Teeth of the Dragon
 12   Double Death in Tibet
 13   The Vision Revealed
 14   Outfitted with Cement Shoes
 15   The Haunting Laugh
 16   Mystery in the Fog
 17   Gangland's Doom
 18   New Agent for The Shadow
 19   Lullaby of Broadway
 20   Dinner at the Cobalt Club
 21   Enter Margo Lane
 22   On the Town Together
 23   A Special Hack
 24   Hidden Evil Awaits Release
 25   Released from the Sarcophagus
 26   Join Me or Die!
 27   Dangerous Research
 28   A AStrange Encounter
 29   Conquest Legacy Continues
 30   Driven to Doom
 31   Nighttime Reflection
 32   Secrets of The Shadow
 33   Agent Advises Inquiry
 34   Join My Crusade
 35   Chasing after Khan
 36   Bronzium Clue of Evil
 37   Lost in Research
 38   Hidden Messages in the Night
 39   Margo's Pleas for Help
 40   Warriors Battle The Shadow
 41   A Blaze of Bullets
 42   Under the Spell of Evil
 43   Following Khan's Orders
 44   Cranston's Secret Revealed
 45   Mysterious Attraction
 46   Danger in Chinatown
 47   I Will Stop Your Plans
 48   Dagger of Power
 49   Trying To Unravel the Plot
 50   A Persuasive Argument
 51   Overlooking New York
 52   Knee-Deep in Trouble
 53   I Need You, Margo
 54   Answering the Call
 55   We Are Victorious!
 56   A Lethal Ultimatum
 57   Uncovering Khan's Mystery
 58   Find Him and Kill Him!
 59   The Shadow Strikes
 60   Shooting at Shadows
 61   The Shadow's Justice
 62   A Bittle of Wills
 63   A Deadly Maze
 64   Astonishing Revelation
 65   Chountdown to Destruction
 66   A Stunning Discovery
 67   Trying To Pin the Blame
 68   Keeping the Secret Safe
 69   With This Ring
 70   The Shadow Knows

   New Art Subset

 71   Michael Wm. Kaluta (A)
 72   Michael Wm. Kaluta (B)
 73   Michael Wm. Kaluta (C)
 74   John Bolton
 75   Michael Wm. Kaluta (D)
 76   Geof Darrow
 77   Michael Wm. Kaluta (E)
 78   Gary Gianni (A)
 79   Tim Bradstreet
 80   Howard Chaykin
 81   Mark Chiarello
 82   Gary Gianni (B)
 83   Bo Hampton
 84   Ray Lago
 85   Jon J Muth
 86   George Pratt
 87   John K. Snyder III
 88   John Van Fleet
 89   Matt Wagner
 90   Kent Williams

   Legends Gold Foil Cards (1:pack; Art by Jim Steranko)

L1    Who is The Shadow?
L2    Birth of The Shadow
L3    The Shadow on Radio
L4    Voices of The Shadow
L5    Creator of The Shadow
L6    The Shadow in Comic Books
L7    The Lovely Margo Lane
L8    The Shadow in Hollywood
L9    The Shadow Motion Picture
L10   Illustrator Steranko


Topps Finest Cards (1:45 packs)



 --   The Shadow (Unnumbered)

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