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   Joseph Sarno - 1990

Notes: This is a breathtaking 100-card "story" set featuring text by Joseph Sarno
and art by Paul Sonju.  Distributed as a complete set, it was limited to 7000 sets
including 300 uncut sheets, with the first 100 signed and numbered.  Further 
information and scans are found at the Joe Sarno web archive.

No.   Title

 --   Shadoworld (Cover Card)
  1   The Sage
  2   The Finger Writes
  3   Design of the Master Dreamer
  4   Into a World of Shadows
  5   Master of Shadows
  6   Messengers in the Shadow
  7   Vingil, a Man of Vision
  8   Suhalon Village
  9   Govan
 10   Teacher and Pupil
 11   Beginning the Quest
 12   Creatures that Burn
 13   Creatures that Fly
 14   Creatures of the Shadows
 15   To Dream New Dreams
 16   The Silverwind Sword
 17   Dark Crystals
 18   Watching Shadows
 19   Castle in Darkness
 20   Dwelling of the Mapmaker
 21   Mapmakers Hearth
 22   Lure of the Spiderqueen
 23   Spider's Trap
 24   Freedom from Death
 25   A Dwarf with Small Powers
 26   The Abduction
 27   Beast of Burden
 28   Creature of the Sea
 29   Rilliss of the Sea
 30   Strange Wasteland
 31   Swsallowed by the Earth
 32   Chamber of the Green Dragon
 33   Must Heroes Turn to Stone
 34   Vault of the Blue Dragon
 35   Crypt of the Red Dragon
 36   The Stone Dragon
 37   Master of Dragons
 38   Tales by the Dragon Hearth
 39   The Dragon Fire of Orex
 40   Worlds of Knowledge
 41   Puppets of Rillik-Nin
 42   Ultimate Danger
 43   Black Dragon of the Sea
 44   Night Plans and Dark Dreams
 45   Cliffs of Doom
 46   Castle of Darkness
 47   Servant to Linderick
 48   Master of Darkness
 49   Dining with Demons
 50   Maetace
 51   Dream Magic
 52   Arkvid
 53   A Jibberish Thing
 54   Spiral Doom
 55   Drog Monster
 56   Clutching Death
 57   Caves of Knowledge
 58   Visions of Knowledge
 59   Silver Music
 60   Stone of Silent Laughter
 61   Wall Swallows Sword
 62   Winged Menace
 63   Evil Waits
 64   The Stealth of Trongel
 65   An Old Friend
 66   Sly Subterfuge
 67   The High Tower
 68   Clash of Steel
 69   Fire and Steel
 70   Escaping the Shadowlord
 71   New Master
 72   Room of One Hundred Mirrors
 73   Images of the Soul
 74   A Hundred Mirror Images
 75   The Maze to Secret Portals
 76   Into the Darkness
 77   Madness
 78   Into Another Madness
 79   Light of the Indriss
 80   Shadow of the Sindrinn
 81   Shadow's Music
 82   Moving in Shadow
 83   Dragon Reed
 84   Doorway into the Dark Abyss
 85   Dragon Attack
 86   Lair of the Shadow Lord
 87   Laughter of Death
 88   Light against Darkness
 89   Conquest of Darkness
 90   Death of the Shadow Lord
 91   Return to Dragon's Lair
 92   Lure of the Sindrinn
 93   Evil Conquers Light
 94   Death Conquers Evil
 95   Death of the Indriss
 96   Return to Light
 97   Destruction of the Messengers
 98   The Rift Is Closed
 99   Alternate Worlds
100   And Having Writ Moves On
 --   Shadoworld (Cover Card)


      Uncut Sheets (300 made)

      Signed Uncut Sheets (numbered to 100)

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