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The Shannara Chronicles Characters TV Promo Set
   MTV - 2016

Notes: Cards were distributed in a sealed cello pack, and are 
7" x 3-1/2" umnfolded. Fronts show character photos with weapons 
and title outside, quotes inside.

    No.    Title

   SC 1    Amberle played by Poppy Drayton
   SC 2    Will Ohmsford played by Austin Butler
   SC 3    Allanon played by Manu Bennett
   SC 4    Eritrea played by Ivana Baquero
   SC 5    King Eventine played by John Rhys-Davies
   SC 6    Arion played by Daniel MacPherson
   SC 7    Ander played by Aaron Jakubenko
   SC 8    Cephalo played by James Remar
   SC 9    Commander Tilton played by Emilia Burns

     --    From Terry Brooks' ... [title card]

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