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Sharks! by Kokkinakis
   Attic Cards - 2017

Notes: All art is by Achilleas Kokkinakis. The series was marketed in a Kickstarter 
campaign. Thanks to John Biagioni for assistance! Further information and scans 
are posted at the Kickstarter website.

No.   Title                   Conservation Status

Base Cards

  1   Basking Shark           Vulnerable
  2   Black Tip Reef Shark    Near Threatened
  3   Bull Shark              Near Threatened
  4   Great White Shark       Vulnerable
  5   Hammerhead Shark        Endangered
  6   Leopard Shark           Least Concern
  7   Mako Shark              Vulnerable
  8   Saw Shark               Least Concern
  9   Tiger Shark             Near Threatened

Linen Cardstock

 1L   Basking Shark           Vulnerable
 2L   Black Tip Reef Shark    Near Threatened
 3L   Bull Shark              Near Threatened
 4L   Great White Shark       Vulnerable
 5L   Hammerhead Shark        Endangered
 6L   Leopard Shark           Least Concern
 7L   Mako Shark              Vulnerable
 8L   Saw Shark               Least Concern
 9L   Tiger Shark             Near Threatened

Shark Tooth Relic Cards (shark tooth box premium level)

 --   Authentic Bull Shark Tooth Relic
 --   Authentic Mako Shark Tooth Relic
 --   Authentic Tiger Shark Tooth Relic

Metal Cards (part of Deluxe Master Set)

 1M   Basking Shark           Vulnerable
 2M   Black Tip Reef Shark    Near Threatened
 3M   Bull Shark              Near Threatened
 4M   Great White Shark       Vulnerable
 5M   Hammerhead Shark        Endangered
 6M   Leopard Shark           Least Concern
 7M   Mako Shark              Vulnerable
 8M   Saw Shark               Least Concern
 9M   Tiger Shark             Near Threatened

Deluxe Master Set

 --   Base Set on Premium Linen Cardstock
 --   Base Set on Silver Metal
 --   Base Set on Gold Metal (1/1)
 --   Megalodon (jumbo metal boxtopper; 5" x 7")

Kickstarter Extra Card

 --   (miniature shark jaw on wooden panel)

Box Designs

 --   Attic Cards Presents Sharks! (Deluxe Master Box)
 --   Bull Shark Box (contains Bull Shark Tooth Relic)
 --   Mako Shark Box (contains Mako Shark Tooth Relic)
 --   Tiger Shark Box (contains Tiger Shark Tooth Relic)


 P1   Attacking Soon (January 2017)

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