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Sharkslayer (Preview)
Dreamworks - 2003

Notes: Card fronts show the animated characters in the 2004 features, while
card backs show the voice actors.  Thanks much to Genny Carr for the list!

   Character          Actor

   [Title Card]       The Most Incredible Cast Ever Assembled For An
                      Animated Movie is Now Complete!

   Don Lino           Robert De Niro
   Frankie            Michael Imperioli
   Luca               Kevin Pollak
   Ernie & Bernie     Ziggy Marley & Doug E. Doug
   Sykes              Martin Scorsese
   Lenny              Jack Black
   Angie              Renée Zellweger
   Lola               Angelina Jolie
   Oscar              Will Smith
   Willie             Vincent Pastore
   Don Brizzi         Peter Falk

©2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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