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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
   Cult-Stuff - 2013

Notes: This series features 12 stories, to be followed by another 12 in the series 
Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Thanks much to John Biagioni, Greg Geerts, and 
David Rosciszewski for updates! Further information and scans are posted at the
 Cult-Stuff website.

Case: 15 packs of 9 base cards + at least one insert.
Base sets (27): 5 per case.

      No.   Title

         Pack A Base Cards

        1   The Adentures of Sherlock Holmes
        2   First Edition
        3   A Scandal in Bohemia
        4   The Red Headed League
        5   A Case of Identity
        6   The Boscombe Valley Mystery
        7   The Five Orange Pips
        8   The Man With the Twisted Lip
        9   The Blue Carbuncle

         Pack B Base Cards

       10   The Speckled Band
       11   The Engineer's Thumb
       12   The Noble Bachelor
       13   The Beryl Coronet
       14   The Copper Beeches
       15   221B Baker Street
       16   The Black Swan
       17   Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Doyle is a fascinating
       18   Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Doyle was also an extr

         Pack C Base Cards

       19   Sherlock Holmes
       20   Dr. James H. Watson
       21   Inspector Lestrade
       22   Irene Adler
       23   Hansom Cab
       24   Sidney Edward Paget
       25   The Strand
       26   Reception
       27   The End?


The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Cards (1:pack)

        1   Poison (puzzle top left)
        2   Irene Adler (puzzle top middle)
        3   (lab equipment; puzzle top right)
        4   (pipe; puzzle center left)
        5   (jawbone; puzzle center)
        6   (face; puzzle center right)
        7   (scroll S; puzzle bottom left)
        8   221B Baker St. (puzzle bottom middle)
        9   (scroll es; puzzle bottom right)

Canvas Autograph Cards (1:case)

     CM1    Clive Merrison [art by Carolyn Edwards]

Cut Signature Cards (10 total)

      --    Jeremy Brett
      --    Clive Brook
      --    Stephen Fry
      --    Edward Hardwicke
      --    Basil Rathbone
      --    Ian Richardson
      --    Paul Williamson

Strand Originals Cutout Cards

      S1    (spine; text box; # to 20)
      S1    (spine; small circle; # to 20)
      S1    (front cover; text box; # to 25)
      S1    (front cover; small circle; # to 51)
      S1    (front page; text box; unnumbered)
      S1    (front page; text box; # to 12)
      S1    (foldout)
      S1    (text box)
      S1    (illustration box)
      S1    (glued text)

Victorian Artefact Cards

      --    One Penny Coin          [several years/designs]
      --    Silver Thrupence Coin   [several years/designs]
      --    Farthing Coin           [several years/designs]

      --    One Penny Red Stamp     [unnumbered]
      --    Half Penny Green Stamp  [# to 10]
      --    Half Penny Orange Stamp [# to 9]
      --    2-1/2d Blue Stamp       [unnumbered]
      --    2-1/2d Blue Stamp       [# to 10]
      --    3d Yellow Stamp         [unnumbered]
      --    3d Yellow Stamp         [# to 20]

Artist Sketch Cards

    SC-1    Adam Black                   5
    SC-1    Angela Capel                20
    SC-1    Carolyn Edwards             30
    SC-1    Rusty Gilligan               7
    SC-1    Dan Gorman                  45
    SC-1    Robert Hack                 19
    SC-1    Patrick Hamill              39
    SC-1    Scott Houseman              22
    SC-1    Jesse Hughes                22
    SC-1    Gavin Hunt                   8
    SC-1    Laura Inglis                20
    SC-1    Chuck Jett                  18
    SC-1    Barry Linck                  4
    SC-1    Mark Martino                12
    SC-2    Dave Sharpe                 20
    SC-1    Peter Simeti                15
    SC-1    Adam Talley                 55
    SC-2    Adam Talley              (included)
    SC-1    Huy Trong                   13
    SC-2    Huy Trong                (included)
    SC-1    Greg Vibog                  13
            Wu Wei                      10
    SC-1    Josh Werner                 19
            Matthew Zeigler             10

Series 1 Expansion Card

    20      The Official Police

Bonus Promo Cards (Pack Inserts from Other Series)

   BP1      The Art of Burlesque
   BP2      The Art of Burlesque
   P1       Dracula
   P1       The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
   PD-P2    Pulp Detectives

Real Stamp Case-Topper Cards (24d; # to 20 each)

Version A   "The Reigate Squire"
Version B   "The Hound of the Baskervilles"
Version C   "The Six Napoleons"
Version D   "The Greek Interpreter" 24d
Version E   "The Final Problem"

Early Order Card

    --      Magno Card

Multi-Case-Purchase Incentive Cards

    --      (27-card parallel set, stamped SH; 10 cases)
    --      (base card original art; 15 cases)
    SC-1    (Patrick Hamill sketch / Strand magazine Artefact; 15 cases)


    P1 A    Adventure I. - A Scandal
    P1 B    Burlington
    P1 C
    P2      The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: "When a doctor ..."
    MC1     Missing Card (right profile, art by Huy Truong; retail edition)
    MP1     The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (mini-card; Memorabilia Show, Non-Sport Update)
    MP1     "When a doctor ..." (magnetic; also found in Pulp Detectives packs)
    MP2     "It is quite ..." (magnetic; also found in Pulp Detectives packs)
    CP      (Magnifying glass; Patrick Hamill; Umbrella Trading Cards)
    0       Show Promo Card (smoking on cushion; 2013 Memorabilia Show)
    --      A three pipe problem (Memorabilia Show/Non-Sport Update)
    --      (canvas; stamped "Proof Card")
    --      (completed puzzle view; magnet; Proof Card Very Limited; 45 made)

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©2013 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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